How to Raise Turkeys, Ducks, Geese and Game Birds

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How to Raise Turkeys, Ducks, Geese and Game Birds

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Product Information

Written by a well-known national authority in his field and original published in the 1940s, this book provides very comprehensive information on raising and marketing turkeys, ducks, geese, guineas, pigeons, peafowl, upland game birds, and aquatic game birds.

While it is intended primarily for the use of vocational agriculture students, farm youth, and their parents, the book should also be very useful to those who specialize in raising any of the various kinds of birds mentioned above.

Contents Covered:

  • Preface
  • Keeping Good Turkey Stock
    • Improving the Wild Turkey
    • Choosing Varieties of Turkeys
    • Selecting a Profitable Strain
    • Judging Breeding Stock
    • Summary
  • Breeding for Efficient Turkey Production
    • Developing a Turkey Breeding Program
    • Providing Good Houses or Shelters for Breeders
    • Breeding for Good Body Type and Fleshing
    • Breeding for Good Egg Production
    • Securing Good Fertility
    • Breeding for Good Hatchability
    • Breeding for Viability
    • Developing a Turkey Improvement Program in Cooperation with Hatcheries
    • Summary
  • Renewing the Turkey Flock
    • Collecting, Holding, and Shipping Hatching Eggs
    • Hatching Poults under Hens
    • Hatching Poults in Incubators
    • Checking on Factors Affecting Hatchability
    • Judging Baby Poults
    • Securing Poults from a Hatchery
    • Shipping Baby Poults
    • Summary
  • Brooding and Rearing Turkey Poults
    • Making the Start
    • Brooding Poults with Hens
    • Brooding Poults Artificially
    • Providing and Using Brooder Houses
    • Rearing Poults in Semiconfinement
    • Rearing Poults on Range
    • Keeping Rearing Losses at a Minimum
    • Summary
  • Feeding Breeders and Turkey Poults
    • Preparing Properly Balanced Diets
    • Feeding the Breeding Stock
    • Feeding the Poults
    • Preventing Vices and Abnormalities
    • Determining Pounds of Feed per Pound Gain in Weight
    • Making Use of Turkey Manure
    • Summary
  • Controlling Parasites and Diseases of Turkeys
    • Estimating the Cost of Mortality
    • Controlling Lice and Mites
    • Controlling Worms
    • Controlling Protozoan Diseases
    • Controlling Bacterial and Virus Diseases
    • Controlling Fungus Diseases
    • Controlling Miscellaneous Diseases
    • Keeping Losses from Parasites and Diseases at a Minimum
    • Summary
  • Marketing Turkeys
    • Choosing a Marketing Channel
    • Determining When Turkeys Are in Best Market Condition
    • Judging Live Market Turkeys
    • Grading Live Market Turkeys
    • Killing, Plucking, and Eviscerating Turkeys
    • Judging Dressed Turkeys
    • Grading Dressed Turkeys
    • Packing Dressed Turkeys
    • Shipping to Market and Storing
    • Checking on Factors Affecting Prices
    • Using Turkey Meat
    • Selling Feathers and Utilizing Offal
    • Summary
  • Making a Success of the Turkey Enterprise
    • Recognizing the Importance of the Turkey Industry
    • Comparing Cost Factors in a Turkey Enterprise
    • Producing Hatching Eggs Economically
    • Hatching Poults Economically
    • Raising Turkeys Economically
    • Summary
  • Raising and Marketing Ducks
    • Keeping Good Stock
    • Breeding for Egg and Meat Production
    • Incubating Duck Eggs
    • Rearing Ducklings
    • Feeding Breeders and Young Stock
    • Marketing Ducks, Feathers, and Eggs
    • Controlling Duck Diseases
    • Summary
  • Raising and Marketing Geese
    • Choosing Breeds
    • Selecting and Mating Geese
    • Incubating Goose Eggs
    • Rearing Goslings
    • Feeding Geese
    • Marketing Geese, Feathers, and Eggs
    • Controlling Goose Diseases
    • Summary
  • Raising Guineas, Pigeons, and Peafowl
    • Raising Guineas
    • Raising Pigeons
    • Raising Peafowl
    • Summary
  • Raising and Conserving Game Birds
    • Raising Pheasants
    • Raising Quail
    • Raising Partridge
    • Raising Grouse
    • Raising Prairie Chicken
    • Raising Wild Turkeys
    • Controlling Parasites and Diseases
    • Practicing Conservation of Wild Game Birds
    • Summary
  • Index
Format: PDF Digital Reprint, e-Facsimile
No. of Pages: 472
Page Size: A4 (210mm × 297mm)
Download Size: 86.7 MB
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