Nuclear Survival Manual: Bomb Shelter in Depth Concept

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Nuclear Survival Manual: Bomb Shelter in Depth Concept

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Product Information

If you decide to build a nuclear bomb shelter you will want to judge for yourself the degree of protection necessary or possible for you and your family. The purpose of this manual is to make all known facts available to you in one complete reference so that your decisions will be based on facts -- not on the opinions of others.

Originally published in 1963, this manual is not intended to provide the electrical, plumbing or carpentry details of shelter building. No effort has been made to explain how every bolt is to be set, every electrical outlet placed, every yard of concrete poured or every reinforcing bar placed. It is intended as a guide for shelter construction, a reminder and a checklist -- not a detailed blueprint.

The main problem may not be to survive a nuclear attack but to survive a nuclear war and to just exist in the immediate post attack world until that war is won. The system described in this manual would then prove to be much more than just a nuclear bomb shelter. Many questions you may now have regarding this concept would be answered at that time.

Contents Covered:

  • Foreword
  • Surviving Immediate Effects of a Nuclear Explosion
    • Survival for One Minute
    • Thermal Radiation
    • Initial Nuclear Radiation
    • Blast
    • Fallout
  • Types of Nuclear Weapon Explosions
    • Air Burst
    • Ground Burst
    • Subsurface Burst
  • Thermal Radiation
    • Thermal Radiation
    • Heat
    • Burns
    • Eye Injuries
  • Nuclear Blast
    • Injuries Due to Blast
    • Craters
  • Nuclear Radiation Guide
    • Types of Nuclear Explosions
    • Types of Nuclear Radiation
    • Units of Nuclear Radiation Energy and Biological Damage Measurement
    • Initial Nuclear Radiation
    • Residual Nuclear Radiation
    • Biological Effects of Nuclear Radiation
    • Nuclear Radiation Shelter Time Guides
  • Nuclear Radiation Protection Shields
    • Barrier Shielding
    • Geometry Shielding
    • Time Shielding
  • Nuclear Explosion Survival Range
  • Shelter Building Controversy
    • Communist Objectives
    • Popular Cliches
    • Analysis of Popular Cliches
  • Getting to the Shelter
    • Strategic Warning
    • Tactical Warning
    • Enemy Objectives
    • Day Time Attack
    • Night Attack
    • Protection at Work
    • Protection away from Shelter
  • Nuclear Attack Possibilities
    • Estimates of Communist Attack Capability
    • Nuclear Attack Weapon Sizes
    • Nuclear Attack Pattern
  • Essentials for Survival
    • Air
    • Water
    • Food
    • Fire and Heat Energy
    • Clothing
    • Shelter from the Elements
    • Hand Tools
    • Medicine
    • Bomb Shelter in Depth Concept
    • BOSDEC System Principles
    • Primary Shelter Specifications
  • How to Meet BOSDEC Specifications
    • General Construction
    • Primary Shelter Construction
    • Primary Shelter Compartments
    • Filters
    • Primary Shelter Generator and Air Exhaust Room
    • Secondary Shelter
    • Shelter Lock
    • Shelter Preparation Procedures
  • General Food Information
    • Unavailable Food
    • Selecting Food
    • Sequence of Food Use
    • Food Preparation Suggestions
  • Primary Shelter Menus
    • Calorie Intake
    • Meal Time Cycles
    • Selection of Food
    • Breakfast Menus
    • Lunch Menus
    • Dinner Menus
    • Shopping Lists for Primary Shelter Menus
    • Emergency Travel Food
  • Shelter Equipment and Supplies
  • General Radiation Information
    • Radiation Detectors
    • Normal Radiation Exposures
    • Radiation Doses and Recovery Times
    • Emergency Excursions from Shelter
  • Emergency Shelter First Aid
    • Bleeding
    • Breathing Problems
    • Burns
    • Fractures
    • Pregnancy
    • Identification Tags
  • Basic Nuclear Physics
    • Elemental Structure
    • Isotopes
    • Fission
    • Ionization
    • Radiation
    • Biological Nuclear Effects
  • America after a Nuclear Attack
    • Absorbed Radiation
    • Reconstruction and Relocation Programs
    • Radiation Banking Concept
    • Reconstruction Efforts
    • Government Planning
  • Glossary
  • Bibliography
  • Equipment and Food Sources
Format: PDF Digital Reprint, e-Facsimile
No. of Pages: 178
Page Size: A4 (210mm × 297mm)
Download Size: 20.3 MB
Product Code NUCL56VW29

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