Winning Your Way with People

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Winning Your Way with People

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I early found that when I worked for myself alone, myself alone worked for me, but when I worked for others also, others also worked for me. -- Benjamin Franklin

The key to greater personal happiness and harmony with others is to be found in this book, originally published in 1949. Here you will gain a fresh insight into why people act the way they do, and a new understanding of yourself and those around you. The author puts modern psychology and the findings of the world's great teachers in terms of a simple philosophy of personal action. His suggestions for getting your ideas across to other people, for working harmoniously with your associates, point up how you can gain maximum effectiveness in dealing with others in your everyday life.

Contents Covered:

  • Why Not Have a Good Time in Life?
  • Part I. People and You
    • Will People Make or Break You?
    • The "Just-as-I-am" Complex
    • The Importance of Being Important, and the Basic Rule
    • How to Keep from Hating People
    • People Will Pay You Back
  • Part II. Getting Ideas Across to People
    • Conversation Is a Two-way Deal
    • Your Letter Is You Speaking
    • Personal Television by Telephone
    • Make a Speech and Feel No Pain
  • Part III. How to Win People's Help in Business
    • Helping the Customer Buy
    • How Your Associates Pay You Back
    • Why the Boss Is That Way
    • The Supervisor Gets Results through Leadership
  • Part IV. Your Personality Is Showing!
    • You Can Build a Winning Personality
    • Come Out of Your Shell
    • Relax, and Keep Your Balance and Health
  • Part V. Family Circle -- Haven or Arena?
    • How to Be Happy Though Married
    • Children Are People, Too
  • Part VI. Habits Make or Break You
    • Habit, Your Magic-Working Slave
    • Can You Bear to Face the Mirror?
    • Turn Your Mistakes into Assets
    • Let Habits Work for You
  • Suggested Reading
Format:PDF Digital Reprint, e-Facsimile
No. of Pages:260
Page Size:A4 (210mm × 297mm)
Download Size:29.1 MB
Product CodeWINZLCH920

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