The Call of the Soul by Dr. Ernest C. Feyrer

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The Call of the Soul by Dr. Ernest C. Feyrer

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Man is forever searching for a solution of life's mysteries. Psychic phenomena are the pivot around which great controversies are raging. It has always been interwoven with religion and theologians have for ages exercised a monopoly on things called mysterious and supernatural. Originally published in 1926, The Call of the Soul by Dr. Ernest C. Feyrer attempts to give a scientific explanation of telepathy and psychic phenomena, with specific instructions for developing thought-transference, psychometry, mind-reading, automatic writing, mental broadcasting and other psychic phenomena.

Contents Covered:

  • Man's Relation to the Universe
    The doctrine of the trinity of Man. -- The prophecy of Jesus. -- God Within Us. -- The Electronic Theory. -- The Law of the Universe. -- The Power to Acquire Information from the Universal Mind. -- The Universe. -- Material, Mental and Spiritual. -- God Like Man. -- All Ideas and Thoughts in the Universe. -- A Glimmer of the Real Truth.
  • Man's Mental Mechanism
    God linked with everything. -- The law of Vibration. -- The Mental and Spiritual connection between Men. -- The rate of Thought Vibrations. -- Man's receiving Station and his Broadcasting Station. -- The Subconscious Mind. -- The soul of Man. -- Difference between Conscious and Subconscious Mind. -- Their attributes. -- Power of the Soul. -- Its principal attribute is telepathy. -- Governed by the power of Suggestion. -- Safeguarding ourselves.
  • Telepathy
    The Phenomena of Telepathy exclusively an attribute of the Soul. -- Recognized by all leading Scientists. -- Constant Telepathic Communications between Souls. -- Brothers under the skin. -- Soul has a perfect memory. -- Mediums read the Soul. -- No spirits needed. -- Possibility of Spirit communication not denied. -- All can learn to read the Mind. -- Telepathy the cause of many Divorces. -- A warning to Parents. -- The call of the Soul from an express Box. -- Sir Oliver Lodge.
  • Thought Transference
    Thought-transference not the same as Telepathy. -- One depends on the Other. -- One of the conscious Mind, the other of the Subconscious. -- Mental Broadcasting will be used Commercially soon. -- The marvelous feat of Prof. Murray. -- Paris Excited over Otto Kahn, the Mind Reader. -- The sealed letter reading. -- Explanation of Kahn's feats. -- My own experience with Anna Eva Fay. -- An Accurate prediction. -- A Universal Law not discovered as yet. -- Thought transference to animals. -- Marvelous demonstrations before Scientist in Russia. -- A new invention to catch thought waves. -- Leitner, the Swiss Telepathist. -- Child wonder of Boston and its demonstrations. -- Transferring imaginary happenings mentally. -- Wonderful demonstrations. -- Reading from unknown books. -- Thought like electrical impulses.
  • The Law of Suggestion and the Soul
    The soul influenced by Suggestion. -- The Hypnotist and his Subject. -- The great storehouse of the Soul. The best possible state to exhibit telepathic Powers. -- Suggestions false or true are accepted by the Soul. -- The seat of emotions. -- Imagination. -- The Prettyman case at Philadelphia. -- Death, but alive. -- The class of Mrs. Feyrer. -- Experiments of Prof. Brugman. -- A Startling case of telepathy. -- A strange experience of Ned's Wife. -- Wonderful true case of a Columbia Student. -- Suggesting Pictures through the Mind. -- A marvelous experiment of telepathy by the French Chess Player. -- Telepathy by Automatic drawing. -- Spirits out of the Question.
  • Psychic Phenomena, Part I
    Interest in Psychic Phenomena growing. -- Mental and Physical Mediums. -- Most Mediums honest. -- Who or what is responsible for Psychic manifestations? -- Is it spirit power or the Soul of Man? -- Questions the world wants answered. -- My ten propositions. -- Jesus did not claim supernatural powers. -- H. H. Carrington. -- Materialized arm held by him. -- Proof of materialized forms. -- Dr. Prince in address, "The Case of the Baltimore Woman," explained by telepathy. -- J. M. Bird and genuine Clairvoyants, Ectoplasm. -- Messages from Titanic and Lusitania. -- The case of Mayor Hylan explained by telepathy, not spiritism. -- Case of Voice telepathy. -- Suicide's telepathic message received by sister.
  • Psychic Phenomena, Part II
    Twenty-six years of searching. -- Solution to be found in "Soul of Man." -- Hypnotism and suggestion. -- Marvelous feats under Hypnosis. -- The case at the dentist's office. -- All Psychic Phenomena Manifest through the soul. -- Why it must be dark to produce "spirits", etc. -- The power of levitation in the Soul. The Phenomena of Mrs. Feyrer. -- Marvelous physical Phenomena in Lilly Dale, N. Y. -- Psychic force shakes whole house. -- Telekinesis an attribute of the Soul. -- The South African case of Sir Edward Hall. -- The real explanation. -- All Mediums self-hypnotized. -- How Satan killed a man on a bridge. Death due to auto suggestion. -- The call of the Soul saves a train from being wrecked. -- Seeing The ghost of a suicide 100 miles away.
  • Spiritism and Telepathy
    A belief in life beyond the grave. -- Phenomena of mediums admitted. -- The cause explained from a different angle. -- Mediums in state of self-hypnosis. -- False as well as true information accepted by the subconscious mind. -- Hypnotized subject and baby bottle. -- "Indian spirits." and mediums. -- The case of Mr. Wilcox. -- A true explanation. -- Telepathic message from son to Mrs. Petersen. -- Telepathy by vision. -- Telepathic impulse reversed. -- A common experience. -- Telepathic vision in Dream of Mrs. Shepard. -- Payment of debt by thought-transference. -- A brother's death announced telepathically. -- Visions during World War. -- Some spirits do not know their own names. -- Trumpet Seance not convincing of spirit return. -- Wonderful demonstrations at Camp Brady, Ohio. -- Answers mostly as sitter wants them. -- The discovery of Prof. Cazzamali. -- Vibrations so powerful they wreck home.
  • How to Develop Thought Transference and Mind Reading
    Specific directions for the Beginner. -- Willingness required to succeed. -- Understanding the laws necessary. -- All can learn. -- Rhythmic breathing exercises. -- The perfect blindfold. -- Transferring the number of objects. -- Simple experiments with reading the objects thought of by the transmitters. -- Reading names. -- Transferring colors mentally. -- Mental perception of any playing card or picture. -- Observing the rules will mean success. -- Transmitting figures and taste. -- How to read numbers on money, watches, blackboards, etc. -- Transferring tastes like lemon, salt, sugar, vinegar, etc.
  • Thought Transference and Telepathy at a Distance
    Developing the power to receive mental suggestions at any distance. -- Projecting drawings and receiving them. -- How to send pictures of houses, automobiles, furniture, etc. How to receive sentences in writing. -- Imaginary happenings received telepathically. -- The marvelous experiments of Prof. Murray. -- His Method explained. -- Specific examples given. -- Tuning in with the broadcaster.
  • Mental Influence at a Distance
    Specific instructions for influencing people at any distance with their consent or without. -- Underlying laws must be understood. -- How to bring a separated couple together again. -- The case of one of my students in the Mid-west. -- Impressions like a hunch, dream or impulse.
  • How to Develop Automatic Writing
    A simple method of producing automatic or inspirational writing. The use of rose colored lights. -- Phenomena produced in one or two sittings. -- The proper way to hold pencil and arm. -- Trance conditions not essential. -- Do not take all messages seriously. -- The reason for it.
  • Table Tipping
    Interesting Phenomena. -- Easily produced by following directions. -- The kind of table needed. -- How to place the hands. -- How to have your questions answered. -- Energy from the Soul.
  • How to Psychometrize
    Specific direction to read articles belonging to others. -- Peculiar power of the Soul to read the character and all there is in the Subconscious mind of the person whose article you have. -- Called Psychometry. -- May locate oil, gas, gold, minerals by Psychometrizing. -- Information sometimes from the universal mind.
  • How to Project Your Soul
    Developing the faculty of projecting your thought form. -- Astral body or Etherial form to any distance. The case of StaintoD Moses. - Interesting cases of self-projection. - A few among thousands. - Specific directions for performing the feat.
  • Prophecy
    Foretelling events is true. -- Spirits have nothing to do with it. -- Due to universal Law. -- All knowledge in the Universal Mind.
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