The Art of Landscaping Farms

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The Art of Landscaping Farms

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Product Information

Nobody can afford to have bare and ugly home grounds. It is bad business. Of course, we do not commonly take a business view of our homes; we think of home in terms of sentiment. For we all want the best there is in life, and we know we can raise better children if they have beautiful surroundings. But, granting that we all have the best sentiment in the world, we cannot escape the business side. For instance, we all have to consider the cost of making a lawn, of fertilizing and planting.

Now, there are two ways of handling these practical matters, one of which gives little or no profit while the other gives very great profits. Of course, you do not expect to make money out of your home - you expect to live in it - but the day will come when you or your children will wish to sell your property. And the buyer will look at everything you have done from the cold, unsympathetic viewpoint of hard-cash value. If you leave your place bare, it may be absolutely unsalable when the time of need comes, or you will get less than it is worth. But, if your farm is sensibly planted, you can get a bigger profit for the money you put into trees and shrubs than for the same money spent on house.

Although lacking the color photos of modern books, this vintage landscaping booklet, originally published in the 1910s, is still applicable today for most farms.

Contents Covered:

  • The common way of planting is unprofitable
  • Farm architecture and gardening
  • Windbreaks for profit and beauty
  • Screening unsightly objects
  • The view from the road
  • Give your house a background
  • Frame the view of your house
  • Improve the view from your porch
  • How to make flat prairie interesting
  • Foundation planting
  • Vines to make your place look different
  • The lawn
  • Borders are better than beds
  • Boundary Planting
  • Plant permanent trees - not quick-growers
  • Flower gardens
  • The children's ideal - a permanent country home
  • What you can get for nothing
  • What you can get for the price of a hog
  • How to plan your home grounds
  • Shrubs for special needs
  • Permanent vines
Format: PDF Digital Reprint, e-Facsimile
No. of Pages: 36
Page Size: A4 (210mm × 297mm)
Download Size: 31.1 MB
Product Code THEN5Z8246

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