The Art and Science of Personal Magnetism

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The Art and Science of Personal Magnetism

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Authored by Theron Q. Dumont, this truly fascinating self-improvement classic teaches how to exert a powerful, irresistible influence upon the reason or will of another.

Every person is possessed of personal magnetism to some degree, but the majority of persons have a weak magnetic force. These practical lessons give you the key to improve yourself by altering your personal magnetism from negative to positive.

From the author: "In this book, I give you the key to the secret of personal magnetism, but it will still remain for you, yourselves, to determine just what degree of success you shall attain. I give you the best tools, and instructions as to how to use them; but you will have to do the rest yourself … I have condensed into these pages the essence of my methods, and principles of practice, so that any student of average intelligence may readily grasp, assimilate, and apply the same with success."

Contents Covered:

  • Personal Magnetism
  • Mental and Physical Poles
  • The Mental Phase
  • The Physical Phase
  • Physical Magnetism
  • Generating Nerve-Force
  • Distributing Nerve-Force
  • Nerve-Force Exercises
  • Projecting Nerve-Force
  • Mental Radiation
  • Mental Attitudes
  • The Mental Atmosphere
  • Magnetic Currents
  • The Direct Flash
  • Exercises in the Direct Flash
  • The Positive Aura
  • The Direct Command
  • The Magnetic Duel
  • Corporeal Magnetism
  • Magnetic Self-Defense
Format:PDF Digital Reprint, e-Text
No. of Pages:86
Page Size:A4 (210mm × 297mm)
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