Stickley's More Craftsman Homes: Floor Plans for 78 Mission Style Dwellings

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Stickley's More Craftsman Homes: Floor Plans for 78 Mission Style Dwellings

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Product Information

Gustav Stickley, who was a master craftsman, furniture designer, architect and publisher, created the Arts & Crafts style of architecture during the first twenty years of the twentieth century which is known today as simply "Craftsman" or "Craftsman Homes."

The Craftsman plans offered the average American family a house that was truly a home, based on the ideals of beauty, simplicity, utility and organic harmony.

Gustav showed his designs and ideas through his magazine The Craftsman, publishing descriptions and drawings of homes beginning in 1901, and later on his two classic books: Craftsman Homes (1909) and More Craftsman Homes (1912).

Stickley's More Craftsman Homes contains complete floor plans for 78 authentic Mission style dwellings with over 300 black-and-white illustrations. One of the features of this book is that along with the exterior view and floor plan of every house, there is an extensive written description. For many of the houses there are also drawings of the interior, with suggestions for furnishings.

More Craftsman Homes is another must-have book for lovers of good design, students of architecture, history buffs, or those who want to put the Arts & Crafts philosophy to practical use.

Contents Covered:

  • A Word about Craftsman Architecture: By Gustav Stickley
  • The Relation of Craftsman Architecture to Country Living
  • The House of the Democrat: By William L. Price
  • Practical Craftsman Cement House Planned for Beauty and Convenience
  • Cement House Showing Interesting Roof Treatment and Roomy Homelike Interior
  • Three-Story Craftsman Bungalow Suitable for a Hillside Site
  • Craftsman Cement Dwelling Inspired by Old-Fashioned New England Farmhouse
  • Simple Cement Cottage for a Small Family
  • Inexpensive One-Story Bungalow with Effective Use of Trellis
  • Small One-Story Cement Bungalow with Slate Roof, Designed for a Narrow Lot
  • Cement House with Pergola, Sleeping Balcony and Practical Interesting Interior
  • Plaster Dwelling for Town or Country
  • Commodious Cement House with Terrace, Porches and Sleeping Balconies
  • Cement House, Compact yet Spacious, Suitable for a City Street
  • Large Cement House for Town or Country
  • Concrete or Plaster House of Moderate Size and Simple Design
  • Inexpensive Cement and Shingle Cottage
  • Craftsman House Designed for a Narrow Lot
  • Small Two-Story Cement House with Recessed Porch and Balcony
  • Craftsman Cement House, Simple, Comfortable and Spacious
  • Small but Roomy One-Story Cement Bungalow Planned for Simplified Housekeeping
  • Concrete Cottage with Comfortable Interior, Designed to Admit Ample Light
  • Inexpensive Cement Construction for Summer and Weekend One-Story Bungalow
  • Two-Story Cement Bungalow with Ample Porch Room and Comfortable Interior
  • Two-Story House for Village Corner Plot
  • Moderate-Sized Craftsman House Combining Both Privacy and Hospitality
  • Craftsman House Designed for City or Suburban Lot
  • Cement Cottage for a Narrow Town Lot
  • Inexpensive and Homelike Cottage of Stone and Shingle, for Simple Housekeeping
  • Stone and Shingle House with Seven Rooms and Recessed Entrance Porch
  • Roomy Craftsman House in which Stone, Cement and Wood Are Used
  • Craftsman Stone House with Practical Built-in Fittings
  • Rough Stone House Combining Comfort and Picturesqueness
  • Eight-Room Bungalow of Stone and Cement
  • Craftsman Cottage of Stone, Shingle and Slate: A Practical and Comfortable Home
  • Brick Cottage with Convenient Built-in Furnishings and Ample Porch Room
  • Two-Story House of Stone, Brick and Cement, with Typical Craftsman Interior
  • Craftsman House of Tapestry Brick with Porches, Balcony and Spacious Interior
  • Brick House with Many Homelike Features
  • City House with Interesting façade and Sleeping Balcony and Homelike Interior
  • Craftsman City House with Second-Story Porch and Third-Story Sleeping Balcony
  • Inexpensive Cottage for a Small Family
  • Moderate-Sized Brick House, with Recessed Porch and Pleasant, Homelike Rooms
  • Rural One-Story Bungalow of Field Stone
  • One-Story Craftsman Bungalow Planned on Simple and Economic Lines
  • Two-Story Country Bungalow Made Comfortable with Much Built-in Furniture
  • Shingled House with Spacious Living Room and Sheltered Porches
  • Comfortable Shingled House with Built-in Fittings and Sleeping Porches
  • Shingled House with Ample Provision for Outdoor Living
  • Shingled Cottage Suitable for Country, Seaside or Suburban Life
  • Practical Six-Room Shingled Cottage
  • Small Craftsman Farmhouse of Stone and Shingles, Simple and Homelike in Design
  • Craftsman Rural Dwelling Combining Beauty, Comfort and Convenience
  • Farmhouse Designed for Utility and Comfort
  • Comfortable, Convenient, Homelike Farmhouse with Connected Woodshed and Barn
  • Compactly Built Craftsman Farmhouse
  • Practical, Inexpensive One-Story Bungalow
  • Seven-Room Shingled Craftsman Cottage
  • Shingled Cottage with Recessed Porches
  • Small Shingled House with Right Use of Structural Features and Woodwork
  • Rustic Bungalow with Open Upper Story
  • Summer Bungalow with Open Attic
  • Rustic One-Story Bungalow, with Compact Interior and Comfortable Fittings
  • One-Story Shingled Craftsman Bungalow for Rural Surroundings
  • Ten-Room House for Town or Country Life
  • Compact Two-Story Craftsman House Planned for Sloping Site
  • Craftsman Farmhouse Planned for Comfortable Home Life
  • Typical One-Story Craftsman Bungalow Suitable for Either Summer or All-Year Use
  • Architectural Development of the Log Cabin in America
  • The Log House Built at Craftsman Farms
  • Log Cottage for Summer Camp or Permanent Country Home
  • Small but Comfortable Log Dwelling
  • Little Wood Cottage Arranged for Simple Country Living
  • Comfortable One-Story Bungalow of Logs
  • Permanent Summer Camp of Logs with Top Story Arranged for Outdoor Sleeping
  • Log Bungalow for Summer Use with Covered Porch and Partially Open Sleeping Room
  • Craftsman Country Schoolhouse of Logs
  • Rural Shingled Schoolhouse Planned with Connecting Workroom
  • Craftsman Gardens for Craftsman Homes
  • Pergolas in American Gardens
  • Two Brick Bungalows with Cypress Gables
  • Concrete Bungalows: Economy of Construction Attained by the Way the Forms Are Used
  • The Craftsman Fireplace: A Complete Heating and Ventilating System
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