Royal Society Crochet Lessons Book No.8

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Royal Society Crochet Lessons Book No.8

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Product Information

"Crochet work is one of the most interesting of the needle arts, dating back to the Sixteenth Century. It offers countless means of beautifying both the home and articles of wearing apparel, is inexpensive, and when carefully executed there is no form of handwork more beautiful and durable. The designs in this book have, therefore, been originated to advance this engrossing art, and needlecraft experts have endeavored to make the directions accurate and easy to follow, so that even she who knows little of crocheting may readily learn and, like the accomplished needlewoman, delight in reproducing the charming variety of new and artistic patterns given in this book."

This classic Royal Society crochet pattern book features filet crochet, and gives beautiful designs for nightgown yokes, scarfs, aprons, bags, bedspreads, pillows, towels, mats, candle shades, lampshades, etc.

Patterns and instructions for:

  • No.1117, Boudoir Pillow
  • No.1118, Candle Shade
  • No.1122, Lamp Shade
  • No.1123, Candlestick
  • No.1124, Curtains
  • No.1125, Bath Mat
  • No.1126, Large Towel
  • No.1127, Small Towel
  • No.1128, Bath Slippers
  • No.1129, Sponge Bag
  • No.1130, Work Bag
  • No.1132, Oval Mat
  • No.1133, Round Mat
  • No.1134, Shoe Trees
  • No.1135, Coat Hanger
  • No.1136, Pin Cushion
  • No.1137, Swan Bon Bon Dish
  • No.1139, Candle Shade
  • No.1140, Bedspread
  • No.1141, Pillow
  • No.1142, Scarf
  • No.1143, Bedspread
  • No.1144, Curtains and Valance
  • No.1145, Scarf
  • No.1146, Square Pillow
  • No.1147, Laundry Bag
  • No.1148, Hanging Lamp Shade
  • No.1149, Boudoir Cap
  • No.1150, Handkerchief Box
  • No.1151, Tray
  • No.1152, Glove Box
  • No.2019, Apron
  • No.2020, Work Apron
  • No.3195, Towel
  • No.3200, Towel
  • No.3210, Towel
  • No.3214, Towel
  • No.3219, Towel
  • No.3220, Towel
  • No.3223, Towel
  • No.3225, Towel
  • No.3226, Towel
  • No.4220, Nightgown Yoke
  • No.4221, Nightgown Yoke
  • No.4222, Nightgown Yoke
  • No.4223, Nightgown Yoke
  • No.5031, Pillow
  • No.5032, Pillow
  • No.6317, Scarf
  • No.6318, Scarf
Format: PDF Digital Reprint, e-Facsimile
No. of Pages: 51
Page Size: A4 (210mm × 297mm)
Download Size: 57.3 MB
Product Code ROYED8DJ59
Condition New

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