Radford Barn Plans

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Radford Barn Plans

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Product Information

Originally published in the 1900s, this classic book presents over 80 practical, economical and commonsense plans of farm barns and outbuildings, with 250 illustrations throughout.

The object of the book is to present a great many proven ideas in arranging and building in such a way as to enable farmers to take advantage of the experience of others. The author does not claim credit for the different plans and arrangements offered. He has gathered them from successful barn builders and architects in many different states (of America) and in Canada.

It is not the aim or intention of this book to induce farmers to put unnecessary money in buildings. So far as possible, utility has been combined with economy in construction.

It will be noticed that in most cases there are plans of cheap structures, medium priced buildings and others that are thoroughly good. It does not follow that the more expensive buildings are better for the purpose than some of the cheaper ones. They are all well adapted to the uses for which they are intended. The cheaper ones will answer the purpose, but the better ones will prove more lasting and satisfactory.

Whether you are an architect seeking sound, reliable base designs to move forward from, or a farm owner looking for good, proven plans to compare to or build with, Radford Barn Plans is a right book for you.

Contents Covered:

  • Dairy Barns
    • Large Dairy stable
    • Stable for 24 Cows
    • Combined Barn and Covered Barn Yard
    • Dairy Bank Barn
    • Storage Barn with Dairy stable Wing
    • Model Cow Barn
    • Cow Barn for 40 Cows
    • Barn for Dairy Cows
    • Model Dairy Building
    • Another Dairy Building
  • General Farm Barns
    • Horse and Cattle Barn
    • Cyclone Barn
    • Yankee Barn
    • Large Storage Barn
    • Balloon Roofed Barn
    • Ohio Barn
    • An Octagon Barn
    • Large Bank Barn
    • Hay and Grain Barn
    • 30 Acre Farm Barn
    • Barn at Wabash County, Illinois
    • Barn near St. Francisville, Illinois
    • Kelser Barn
    • General Purpose Barn
    • Barn at Naperville, Illinois
    • Open End Barn
    • Barn at Linn, Illinois
    • Barn at Mt. Carmel, Illinois
    • Another Mt. Carmel Barn
    • Small Practical Farm Barn
    • High Michigan Barn
  • Horse Barns
    • English Carriage House
    • Small Barn with Cement Floor
    • Cheap Horse Barn
    • City Stable for 2 Horses
    • Village Stable with Cellar
    • Three-Story Horse Barn
    • Horse Shed
    • 8 Horse Stable
    • Separate Horse Barn
    • Horse and Cow House
    • Another Cheap Horse Stable
    • Convenient Horse Barn
    • Storage for Grain
    • Little Village Stable
    • Small Livery Barn
    • Plain Horse Barn
    • Serviceable Barn
    • Gothic Barn
    • Cement Rough Cast Barn
  • Cattle Sheds and Feed Lots
    • Straight Away Cattle Shed
    • Hollow Square Cattle Shed
    • Feed Lots for Beef Cattle
  • Poultry Houses
    • Building Poultry Houses
    • Open Front Poultry House
    • Small Chicken House
    • Small Double Poultry House
    • An A-Shaped Poultry House
    • Another Small Double Poultry House
    • Practical Poultry House
    • Inexpensive Poultry House
    • Hexagonal Poultry House
    • Colony House
    • Community House
    • Farm Poultry House
    • Portable Poultry House
    • Double Brooder and Chicken House
  • Miscellaneous Plans
    • Building Ice Houses and Storing Ice
    • Two Small Ice Houses
    • Cheap Ice House
    • Refrigerator Ice House
    • Wagon Shed
    • For Grain and Corn
    • Single Corn Crib
    • Double Corn Crib
    • Another Double Corn Crib
    • Round Corn Crib
    • Rat Proof Granary
    • Elevated Granary
    • Tank House
    • Tower Tank House
    • Cheap Hog House
    • Good Hog House
    • Hog House and Corn Crib
    • Cement Block Smoke House
    • Implement Shed
    • Cheap Smoke House
    • Stave Silo
    • Scale House
  • Little Farm Helps
  • 4 Farm House Plans
Format: PDF Digital Reprint, e-Facsimile
No. of Pages: 161
Page Size: A4 (210mm × 297mm)
Download Size: 27.4 MB
Product Code RADC8MC46

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