Painting and Decorating: A Handbook of Tools, Materials, Methods and Directions

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Painting and Decorating: A Handbook of Tools, Materials, Methods and Directions

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Product Information

Originally published in the 1940s, this handbook is the handyman's complete guide to painting and decorating, with full directions, profusely illustrated, for any number of necessary jobs including calcimining, stippling, staining and shellacking. Here are all the facts you need to know in order to turn out a professional job of interior decorating, explaining the relationship between color and lighting and the preparation and mixing of paints for walls, woodwork, floors and furnishings. Easy to follow instructions are included for everything from painting the exterior of a house to refinishing an automobile. There are full directions for painting wood, metal, brick, stone, stucco and concrete. Also listed are the general causes for paint failure and how these may be sidestepped. An altogether useful book for the experienced painter as well as for the novice and one which will serve the home-owner long and well.

Contents Covered:

  • Introduction
  • Knowing Paint
    Pigments; Vehicles; Thinners; Driers; Ready-mixed paints
  • Brushes and Other Painting Equipment
    Wall brushes; Woodwork brushes; Calcimine brushes; Whitewash brushes; Dust brushes; Radiator brushes; Roof brushes; Artists' brushes; Angular liners; Lettering brushes; Bristle brushes; Stencil brushes; Stippling brushes; Smoothing brushes; Care of brushes; Other equipment
  • Color in Painting and Decorating
    Color combinations; Color harmony; Color planning for a room; Color and lighting; Color in exterior painting; Harmonious color combinations; Color schemes for 32 rooms
  • Color Mixing and Use
    Color fastness; Color transparency; Color Mixing; Color formulas
  • Exterior Painting
    Paint requirements; Paint formulas; Mixing paint; Painting sequence: Exterior of house, Doors, Windows; Exterior wood painting; Metal painting; Brick, concrete, stone, and stucco painting; Paint failure, General causes; Paint defects, Causes and cure
  • Interior House Painting
    Preparing plaster for painting or calcimining; Calcimining; Painting plaster walls and ceilings; Paint formulas for new plaster; Painting interior woodwork; Mixing formulas for interior paint
  • Finishing with Stain, Shellac, and Varnish
    Preparing wooden surfaces for staining; Types of stains; Formulas for preparing oil stains; Mixtures for various stains; Choosing the stain; Staining with oil stain; Staining with water stain; Fillers; Shellac; Types of varnishes; Varnishing; Dull finish, Satin finish, French finish; Finishing furniture
  • Decorative Paint Finishes
    Stippling; Glazing; Tiffany blending; Mottling (crumpled roll), Mottling (sponge); Texturing; Stenciling; Frisket stippling; Enlarging by squares; Striping; Applying decalcomanias
  • Wall Papering
    Sizing; Paste; Paper-hanging tools; Calculating wallpaper requirements; Checking paper for shade; Papering ceilings; Papering walls
  • Automobile Refinishing
    Surface preparation; Priming and puttying; Surfacing and sanding; Enameling; Refinishing over old finish
Format: PDF Digital Reprint, e-Facsimile
No. of Pages: 107
Page Size: A4 (210mm × 297mm)
Download Size: 45.0 MB
Product Code PAIGNW3R44

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