How to Make Built-in Furniture

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How to Make Built-in Furniture

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Product Information

Authored by Mario Dal Fabbro, a famous furniture designer and craftsman, this 1950s book gives clear illustrations and instructions for constructing 102 practical built-in furniture projects.

Book Excerpt:

Built-in furniture is becoming more and more a mark of the modern interior. The old method of dividing the living area by wall partitions is gradually giving way to the practice of leaving the area open and permitting the occupant to adapt the space to his own needs, in accordance with his own taste. Thanks to built-ins, a room can have its own individual design, free of the monotonous uniformity of mass production furniture. Aside from these esthetic considerations, built-ins can achieve real space economies either by utilizing wall recesses, attics, or space beneath a sloping ceiling, or by making full use of a wall area, from floor to ceiling and side to side.

The designs for built-in furniture which this book contains have been planned to help the homeowner and craftsman make the most of these possibilities, but they should also be of interest to such specialists as architects, interior decorators, builders, and lumber dealers.

The first part of the book contains general instructions for measurement, woodworking, hardware selection, and furniture installation, as well as the construction of a number of standard furniture details. By far the largest number of pages, however, is devoted to designs for over 100 pieces of modern built-in furniture. Among these the home craftsman should be able to find many to suit both his needs and his skills. Each piece is illustrated in full detail, and a simple method is presented for calculating dimensions that may vary with the size and shape of the room. A list of materials accompanies each design. These projects may be attempted with complete confidence, for they have been planned to be practical in construction as well as in use.

The simple construction and detailed directions combine to make possible a substantial "do-it-yourself" saving. But it is also the author's hope that this book may make some real contribution to better living in the American home not only through its practicality, but also through the usefulness and esthetic merit of the designs themselves.

Contents Covered:

  • Foreword
  • General Instructions
    • Measurement of the Room
    • Instructions for Reading Drawings
    • Space Allowance between Furniture and Wall
    • Variable Dimensions
      • Boards
      • Relation of Part Sizes
      • Sloping Ceilings
    • Buying the Wood
    • Making the Furniture
    • Finishing
    • Hardware
    • Installation
      • Anchoring
      • Floor-to-Ceiling Installation
      • Wall Mounting
      • Wall Mounting Heavy Pieces
      • Wall Mounting with Braces
      • Wall Mounting of Shelves
      • Masonry Walls
      • Attaching Furniture to Ceiling
    • Standard Details for Door Installation
      • Pivot Doors
      • Sliding Doors
    • Standard Drawer Construction
      • Simplified Drawer Construction
  • Built-in Furniture Designs
    1. Low Bookshelf Units
    2. Wall-Hung Bookshelves
    3. Floor-to-Ceiling Bookshelves
    4. Double-Notched Floor-to-Ceiling Bookcase
    5. Floor-to-Ceiling Bookshelves for Limited Wall Space
    6. Wall-Hinged Table and Shelf
    7. Hung or Standing Bookshelves
    8. Shelves for Wall Recess
    9. Box Unit Bookshelves
    10. Bookshelves against Sloping Ceiling
    11. Child's Bookcase
    12. Radio Cabinet I
    13. Radio Cabinet II
    14. Radio Cabinet III
    15. Desk and Bookshelves for Wall Recess
    16. Corner Desk and Bookshelves
    17. Combination Desk and Shelf
    18. Combination Desk, Cabinet, and Shelf
    19. End Table -- Bookshelves
    20. Cabinet with Hinged Table
    21. Wall Bookshelves and Cabinets
    22. Wall-Hung Corner Cabinet
    23. Corner Shelves and Cabinet
    24. Floor-to-Ceiling Corner Shelves
    25. Counter-Height Cabinet
    26. Cabinets and Counter for Dining Room
    27. Low-Hung Wall Cabinets
    28. Radiator Enclosure
    29. Pass-through Counter
    30. Pass-through Window
    31. Telephone Shelf
    32. Wall Bench
    33. Breakfast or Game Corner
    34. Bar and Bookshelves
    35. Service Bar
    36. Service Bar with Wall Shelves
    37. Room Divider
    38. Louver Partition
    39. Room-Divider Cabinet
    40. Partition Composed of Shelves
    41. Partition Composed of Cabinets
    42. Room Divider with Shelves and Counter
    43. Rod and Gun Closet
    44. Vestibule Partition with Planting
    45. Vestibule Partition with Coat Closet
    46. Corner Coat or Linen Closet
    47. Coat or Linen Closet
    48. Overhead Storage Units
    49. Attic Storage Units
    50. Single-Door Closet Units
    51. Double-Door Closet Units
    52. Closets as Partitions
    53. Closet under Stairs
    54. Wardrobe around Vanity or Chest
    55. Closet to Fit Sloping Ceiling
    56. Double Clothes Closet
    57. Accessory Rack for Closet Door
    58. Shoe Rack
    59. Attic Chest and Closet
    60. Corner Dressing Table
    61. Wall Chests
    62. Five-Drawer Wall Chest
    63. Overhead Night Table: Two Compartments
    64. Overhead Night Table: Three Compartments
    65. Vanity or Desk
    66. Base for Box Spring
    67. Space-Saving Bedroom Unit
    68. Headboard Cabinets for Double Bed
    69. Headboard Cabinets for Twin Beds
    70. Sofa Bed with Bookshelves
    71. Bunks and Closet
    72. Double-Decker Folding Beds
    73. Stepladder Chair
    74. Folding Bed with Overhead Cabinets
    75. Storage Wall and Roll-Away Beds for Children's Room
    76. Kitchen Cabinet Installation
    77. Single Wall Cabinet: Three Shelves
    78. Double Wall Cabinet: Three Shelves
    79. Double Wall Cabinet: Two Shelves
    80. Wall-Hung Corner Shelves
    81. Wall-Hung Corner Cabinet
    82. Kitchen Storage Cabinet
    83. Kitchen Storage Cabinet or Broom Closet
    84. Counter Top
    85. Base Cabinet
    86. Base Cabinet: Four Drawers
    87. Corner Base Cabinet
    88. Two-Door Corner Base Cabinet
    89. Base Cabinet: Variable Width
    90. Two-Door Base Cabinet
    91. Sink Installation
    92. Breakfast Table and Benches (Metal Legs)
    93. Breakfast Table and Benches (Wooden Supports)
    94. Breakfast Bar
    95. Island Kitchen Table and Cabinet
    96. Open Shelves
    97. Storage and Serving Counter
    98. Kitchen Storage Wall
    99. Bathroom Cabinet
    100. Cabinet and Dressing Table for Bathroom
    101. Cellar Storage Cabinet
    102. Cellar Shelves
  • Index
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