How to Frame Houses and Roofs (7th Edition)

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How to Frame Houses and Roofs (7th Edition)

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Product Information

Originally published in the 1910s, this classic book illustrates the best methods of laying out, framing and raising timber houses on the balloon principle, together with a complete and easily understood system of roof framing.

The text along with the 159 drawings of houses, roofs, etc., are the most accurate obtainable from the best practical experience and can be followed with confidence, either in estimating or executing practical work. Without doubt, this book is a valuable and indispensable reference for carpenters, builders, architects, and anyone interested in building construction.

Contents Covered:

  • Balloon and Braced Frame Houses
    • General Description, Framed Sills and Their Construction
    • First Floor Beams or Joists, Story Sections, Second Floor Beams, Studding, Framing of Door and Window Opening, Wall Plates and Roof Timbers
    • Laying out and Working Balloon Frames, Girders, Sills, Posts and Studding
    • First and Second Floor Joists or Beams, Ceiling Joists and Beams and Wall Plates
    • Laying out and Framing Roof
    • Raising
    • Braced Frame Houses, How to Lay out, Frame and Construct Them
    • How to Frame out Bay Windows and Projecting Stories
    • Sheathing, Shingling and Clapboarding
    • Different Methods of Bracing Partitions
    • Framing Wooden Walls for Window Openings
    • Framing, Sheeting and Slating an Eyebrow Roof Window
    • Porches and Piazzas
    • General Hints
  • How to Frame the Timbers for a Brick House
    • General Description, First Story Fireproof Floors, Wood Floor Beams and Studding
    • Second and Upper Story Beams, Partitions and Bridging
    • Fire-Resistant Wood Floors, Partitions and Doors
    • Roofs, Bulkheads and Fronts
    • Wood and Iron Construction
    • Heavy Wooden Beams and Girders
    • Methods of Raising Heavy Beams and Girders
  • How to Frame Roofs
    • Laying and Framing a Simple Roof
    • Hip and Valley Roofs
    • Roofs of Irregular Plan
    • Pyramidal Roofs
    • Hexagonal Roofs
    • Conical of Circular Roofs
  • Rustic Carpentry and Joinery
    • Constructing a Slab or Half-Log Cabin
    • Rustic Furniture and the Tools Required
    • Bridges and Larger Rustic Work
    • Rustic Arches in Central Park
  • Miscellaneous Framing
    • The Construction of Framed Tenements and Factories
    • How to Construct a Framed Auditorium
    • The Construction of Reviewing Stands as used in the Dewey Parade in New York
    • How to Build a Grain Elevator
    • Framing a Bating Pavilion
    • Framing a Boat Club House
    • How to Frame Cheap Timber Bridges for Roadways, etc
  • How to Move a House
    • General Conditions, Tools and Appliances
    • Shoring Timbers, Needles and Wedges
    • Preliminary Preparations
    • Moving Operations for a Frame House
    • Moving a Brick or Stone Building
    • Moving a Frame Building on Pontoons
  • Practical Information for Carpenters
    • The Importance of Accurate Measurements
    • Laying of Flooring
    • How to Put on Hardware
    • Nailing of Framing, etc
    • How to Stack Lumber
  • Index
Format: PDF Digital Reprint, e-Facsimile
No. of Pages: 159
Page Size: A4 (210mm × 297mm)
Download Size: 34.1 MB
Product Code HOWDSVQG4

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