Hats and Bags: Accessories in Crochet, Coats & Clark Book No.126

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Hats and Bags: Accessories in Crochet, Coats & Clark Book No.126

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Product Information

Originally published in 1939 by The Spool Cotton Company, this crochet pattern booklet contains 11 beautiful hat designs and 6 matching bag designs. All patterns come with clear, complete instructions.

Book Excerpt:

Hats and Bags in the Fashion Picture -- It's easy to give that "Real Milliner" look to a Crocheted Hat and a professional touch to a Crocheted Bag!

"How did you manage to make these hats look as though they had just been lifted out of a bed of tissue paper from a smart little band-box?" we inquired of the young lady who made these hats.

"I just knew how to crochet -- these directions are very explicit -- and I used my head in the finishing touches to give a professional look," she laughed.

There's nothing used in finishing these hats and bags but what the average woman has access to -- a steam kettle, starch or sugar for stiffening, buckram, featherboning, or wire where stiffness is needed to keep the contours crisp, and zippers for bags. You see, there's no elaborate millinery finishing equipment used!

Somehow, crocheting seems the ideal medium for the clever little hats women tip forward on their curls these days. One short cut to smartness for the limited purse is to vary accessories, and with color shooting its brilliant way across the fashion sky, here's a heaven sent opportunity.

Add a staccato of color to your costume with a chic alliance of hat and bag -- see what a gay tonic it is. Experiment a bit with trimming. Try a sky-shooting feather on the pill box, or a varied-color scarf on the toque. Make a bow trimming tailored or feminine as your type suggests. But don't stop at one hat and bag ensemble -- try three or four, remember, variety's the thing!

Contents Covered:

  • Angel Face No.2358 (adjustable to any head size): It's smart to look like an angel these days, and this innocent halo beret with grosgrain band will give you an appealing young look. Tailored enough for street wear -- dressy enough for afternoon.
  • Good News No.2327 (adaptable to any head size): Off the head it looks like an envelope with its contrasting ribbon lacing, -- on it accents fair brow. Wear it for cool feather weigh comfort.
  • Pieces-of-Eight No.2335: A smart treasure, indeed, made of eight separate pieces that make on stunning whole!
  • Runabout No.2340 (adaptable to any head size): Wear this casual hat with its flattering brim and high crown on the back of your head. With color contrast in feather and band, it's ideal for all-around wear.
  • Loop-the-Loop No.2337: Referring to the handles of this zipper top knitted bag -- of course! The smart shirred effect and trim lines are easily achieved -- and it's wonderfully capacious, too!
  • Cock o' the Walk No.2339 (adaptable to any head size): Fling this slightly mad, but gay young topper, with a saucer-like up-turned brim, slightly forward on your head. Trim it with a colorful flowing scarf.
  • Pill Box No.2326: England's fashion leader, the Duchess of Kent, took the tiny pill box (Hat No.2326-A, head size 22-23) to her heart. We offer it here in waffle stitch crochet with a smart bag (No.2326-B) to match.
  • The Edwardians No.2333: Pitch this rolled toque (Hat No.2333-A, adaptable to any head size) forward on your curls to give the Edwardian touch of elegance to your costume, and carry the round bag (No.2333-B) that makes a perfect alliance.
  • Tam O'Shanter No.2325: a dashing highlander tam -- a whirling disk (Beret No.2325-A, head size 22-23), that will give you that young look and a flat-as-a-pancake bag (No.2325-B) to match -- a duet of real smartness.
  • Algiers No.2332 (adaptable to any head size): Grand for traveling -- packed, this fez with its feather accent collapses into no space at all, or rises on the head to heights of smartness.
  • Sky Top No.2328 (adaptable to any head size): This young open-topped hat has a ribbon crossband to keep your hair trim and neat. Wear with the bow at the front or wear at the back for vanity.
  • Tisket-a-Tasket No.2338 (head size 21½-22½): Look like a picture of fragile femininity in this luscious lace creation -- a wafer thin sailor with you can wash just the way you do a lampshade.
  • Hour Glass No.2331 (adaptable to any head size)
  • Classic Bag No.2330
Format: PDF Digital Reprint, e-Facsimile
No. of Pages: 23
Page Size: A4 (210mm × 297mm)
Download Size: 7.9 MB
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