Gifts You Can Sew: Patterns and Directions for 71 Sewing Gifts

Gifts You Can Sew: Patterns and Directions for 71 Sewing Gifts
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Product Information

The art of giving is bound up with the art of living, but nowadays with so many demands on the budget, many a generous impulse has to be vetoed by a stern exchequer. Originally published in 1942, Gifts You Can Sew (Sixth Edition) contains patterns and directions for sewing and reaping a harvest of happiness -- 71 gifts you can make yourself at one tenth the cost and ten times the fun, since each gift will bear a signature, warm and personal as your smile.

Contents Covered:

  • Romantic Notions: Remembrances for the Bride-to-be
    • Powder Mitt to Fill with Her Favorite Bath Power
    • Quilted Cases of Chintz for Handkerchiefs, Lingerie or Stockings
    • Heart Sachet for a Bureau Drawer
    • Travelling Slippers of Quilted Chintz, also Handy for Guests
    • Shoe Bag, Covered Hanger, Hanger Cover and Laundry Bag of Chintz, to Brighten a Closet
    • Shoe Covers for Travelling, Easy to Make, and Extremely Handy
  • Home on the Range: Gift Aprons for Every Taste
    • Mother and Daughter Pinafores
    • Pot Holder Apron with Detachable Pot Holder Pockets
    • Party Apron with colourful Appliqué
    • Bias Trim Apron Streamlined with a Monogram
    • Three-Color Banded Apron
  • Home Companions: Gifts for Home Lovers
    • Tuck-A-Way shopping Bag of Cotton Crochet, Which Packs into Practically Nothing, for Carrying
    • Hot Plate Mats of Rug Yarn, Quick and Easy to Crochet
    • Pot Holders of All Kinds from Fabric Scraps: Cock-A-Doodle-Doo, Round, Oven Mitt, and Double Oven Mitt
    • Headrest with Chintz Slip Cover, for Reading in Bed
    • Bed Socks knitted of Wool
  • Leisure Moments: Gifts that Remember a Hobby
    • Barbecue Apron and Hat for Outdoor Cooking
    • Garden Apron with Kneeling Pad
    • Sewing bag to Hang on a Closet Door
    • Pitcher Knitting Bag to Carry over Arm
    • Beach Bag with Handy Side Pockets
    • Quilted Bag for Needlework
    • Crocheted Knitting Bag
  • Nursery Lines: Remembrances for New Mother and Baby
    • Baby Set of Jacket, Bonnet, and Mittens Crocheted in Shell Stitch
    • Mother's Helper Bag with Waterproof Lining for Carrying Every Necessity
    • Bath Towel Apron Made from a Large Turkish Towel, for Drying and Protecting
    • Baby's Feeding Apron to Keep Baby Clean and Safe in His High Chair
    • Baby's Terry Cloth Sacque, Easily Made from Soft Toweling
    • Toy Elephant of Washable Terry Cloth Toweling
  • Company Manners: Gift Linens for All Occasions
    • Appliqué Luncheon Set of Pastel Linen, White Organdie, and Flowers Cut Out of Chintz
    • Woven Monk's Cloth Luncheon Set with Colorful Rug Yarn Trim to Match the China
    • Appliqué Chintz Guest Towels with Bouquets Neatly Buttonhole Stitched on Linen
    • Appliqué Cocktail Napkins of Handkerchief Linen with Sheer Organdie Flowers
    • Monogrammed Handkerchiefs with Easily Made Initials
    • Bias Trim Luncheon Set of Unbleached Muslin, Simply yet Effectively Trimmed
    • Embroidered Finger Tip Towels with Colorful Borders
    • Embroidered Bridge Set with Easy Border Trim
  • Selected for Service: Gifts for Men in the Service
    • Duffel Bag for Service Men, to Hold Shoe Polishing Equipment, Sewing Kit, Mirror, etc., and Envelope Bag with Toilet Articles
    • Money Belt for Men in the Service
    • Muffler for Men Who Are Officers in the Navy
    • Book Cover to Protect a Service Man's Favorite Reading
    • Service Sewing Kit, Completely Filled for Ordinary Mending Needs
  • Knockout Props: Gifts Accessories for Teen Age Charmers
    • Necklace and Earring Set, Easy to Make in Cotton Crochet
    • Beanie, Crocheted in Non-Priority Cotton
    • Fringed Kerchief with Monogram, for Glamour on Every Occasion
    • Mittens with a New Square Look, Crocheted in Wool
    • Inexpensive Lounge Socks Made by Putting a Crocheted Sole on Anklets
    • Evening Bag in Two Colors, Roomy Enough to Hold Everything
    • Lapel Dolls that Are Easy to Make and Are Always Conversation Pieces
    • Embroidery Trimmed Belt with Patriotic Symbols
  • Small Talk: Presents for Tots and Children
    • Doll in Favorite "Little Boy" Clothes
    • Bean Bags in Animal Shapes
    • Doll Clothes for Baby Doll
    • Turtle Toy which May be Used as a Floor Cushion
    • Knitting Apron that Folds Conveniently into a Bag
    • Play Apron Filled with Toys for Real Cooking, or Cleaning, or Carpentry
  • Prize Packages: Unusual Ways to Wrap and Decorate Gifts
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