Doilies, Luncheon Sets and Table Runners to Crochet, Coats & Clark Book No.118

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Doilies, Luncheon Sets and Table Runners to Crochet, Coats & Clark Book No.118

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Product Information

Originally published in 1938 by the Spool Cotton Company, this vintage pattern book contains a number of gracious, practical designs for crocheted doilies, luncheon sets and table runners.

Patterns and instructions for:

  • Star Wheel Doily No.7115: Your favorite Star Wheel makes a delightful doily -- for occasional tables in any room in a house -- in white or in colors -- use it as well for tea or coffee trays.
  • Grapevine Runner No.7118: Such a handy size and such a beauty -- the favorite Grapevine Motif trails its smart self in a lovely design -- for a hall console table or on a radio.
  • Filagree Luncheon Set No.7132
  • Skyscraper Luncheon Set No.7113
  • Classic Console Set No.7126
  • Wigwam Console Set No.7129: A handsome buffet deserves a handsome buffet set... a gorgeous filet ensemble.
  • Simplicity Doily No.7123: Are you a beginner? Then start crocheting this design -- you'll be surprised at how easy it is to make.
  • Caprice Doily No.7124: Such a fine and lacy doily! Just the kind of fastidious hostess would adore using on her tea or coffee tray.
  • Irish Crochet Doily No.7119: Irish Crochet finds a new use in this delicate doily -- ideal for coffee tables or cake plates.
  • Empire Runner No.7117: Make your own Dining Room ensemble with this pretty Basket of Flowers design for Table, Buffet, and Serving Table.
  • Domino Runner No.7114: For more massive refectory or library tables, this striking checked effect runner offers the prefect accessory.
  • Snowflake Dinner Set No.7133: Set off gleaming silver or crystal exquisitely with this gracious dinner set. Or make it with fewer doilies for those very special luncheons.
  • Filet Bread Tray Doily No.7131
  • Petal Console Set No.7128
  • Jewel Doily No.7107: The smallest dainty doily -- this lacy piece is very elegant looking on dark polished wood.
  • Mayflower Vanity Set No.7125: The devastatingly feminine mayflower pattern is perfect combined with fine linen.
  • Rose Bowl Doily No.7111: A rosy patterned larger doily finds a dozen different use in any home.
  • Greek Key Runner No.7120
  • Blue Ribbon Luncheon Set No.7109: National Crochet Contest Prize Winning Design
  • Homespun Luncheon Set No.7108: Can't you picture bright flowered pottery on this colorful luncheon set? Ever so easy to make -- and the three toned embroidery adds the smart peasant touch.
  • Occasional Filet Doily No.7122: Here, there, and everywhere! There are so many places for this Oval Filet Doily -- on an end table -- for a small tray -- under gleaming candlesticks!
  • Occasional Filet Doily No.7134: Tulips trail in a Merry-go-round pattern on this pretty filet doily -- such a useful size!
  • Pedigree Doily No.7110: The beauty of a single flower is enhanced by this exquisite doily.
  • Occasional Doily No.7127
  • Flower Tile Doily No.7112: A dainty finger bowl doily for the discriminating hostess -- a set of them will make a thoughtful addition to a trousseau, as will the lovely filet square for an occasional table.
  • Baroque Centerpiece No.7116: This Dramatic Centerpiece with its chic, Baroque-like scrolls is worked effectively in two gloriously contrasting colors.

Book Excerpt:

Doilies are one of the niceties of homemaking, on bread trays, cake dishes, invalid trays, on occasional tables, under delicate china or small coffee cups, they always contribute their own brand of daintiness.

Make doilies singly or as luncheon sets, for the nice thing about them is the ease with which they're made. A novice in the art of the crochet hook can learn her first lesson fashioning a useful doily... a past master at crocheting can work up the more elaborate ideas to display her skill.

Format: PDF Digital Reprint, e-Facsimile
No. of Pages: 31
Page Size: A4 (210mm × 297mm)
Download Size: 14.5 MB
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