Corticelli Lessons in Crochet, Book No.2

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Corticelli Lessons in Crochet, Book No.2

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Product Information

Every lover of crochet needlework will want a copy of this 1910s Corticelli Lessons in Crochet, Book No.2. Plenty of pretty pieces suitable for holiday gifts are clearly described and illustrated. Yokes, baby bonnets, baby Afghans, slippers, children's coats and tams, beautiful edgings and insertions, vanity boxes, centerpieces, doilies, medallions, collars, napkin rings, sports coats and blouses, lingerie hats, golf hose, crocheted buttons, all can be easily made by following the simple instructions given.

Book Excerpt:

That crocheting continues to be the most fascinating and popular form of Art Needlework is evidenced by the many requests we have received from all sources to hasten the publication of our Crochet Book No. 2. In preparing this book our purpose has been to show a sufficient variety of designs to be of interest to all. None of the patterns are too complicated for the average worker.

Contents Covered:

  • Child's Slippers No.314
  • Crocheted Vanity Box No.315
  • Marguerite Yoke No.319
  • Yoke in Leaf Pattern No.320
  • Crocheted Coat Fasteners
    • Design No.321a
    • Design No.321b
    • Ribbon Casing No.321c
  • Princess Filet Crochet Collar No.322
  • Child's Knit Coat or Sweater No.324 with Child's Tam No.328
  • Ladies' Crocheted Boudoir Slippers No.326
    • Wide Insertion No.326a
  • Nightgown Yoke No.329
  • Diamond Pattern Yoke No.330
  • Vest Yoke with Edge No.331
  • Filet Band with Casing for Ribbon No.332
  • Rose Pattern for Luncheon Cloth No.334
  • Nightgown No.335
  • Shell Yoke No.336
  • Initials for Filet Crochet or Cross Stitch Embroidery No.337
  • Crocheted Top for Piazza Cushion No.338
  • Edging and Insertions
    • A Lingerie Edging No.339a
    • Wave Insertion No.339b
    • Clover Edge No.339c
    • A Lacy Edging No.339d
    • Filet Insertion No.339e
  • Medallion and Edgings
    • Round Medallion No.340a
    • Square Medallion No.340b
    • Edge for Towels or Curtains No.340c
    • Baby Edge No.340d
  • Wide Insertions in Filet Crochet
    • Design No.341a
    • Design No.341b
    • Design No.341c
  • Set of Crocheted Doilies No.342
  • Filet Crochet Yoke No.343
  • Crocheted Table Centerpiece No.344
  • Three Pretty Napkin Rings
    • Napkin Ring No.345a, Venetian Crochet
    • Napkin Ring No.345b, with Bébé Irish Crochet Edge
    • Napkin Ring No.345c, Venetian Crochet
  • Empire Nightgown No.346 with Filet Crochet Yoke and Sleeve Trimming
  • A Pretty Card Case in Filet Crochet No.347
  • An Artistic Chair Cover of Linen Color Scrim with a Center of Filet Crochet No.348
  • Guest Towel Insertion and Initial No.349
  • Guest Towel Insertion and Embroidery No.350
  • Infant's Knit Afghan No.351
  • Gentleman's Silk Golf Hose No.352
  • Circular Yoke for Nightgown No.353
  • Baby Cap with Wild Rose Pattern No.354
  • Filet Napkin Ring No.355
  • A Dainty Yoke for a Camisole of Crochet and Duchess Braid No.356
  • Two Crocheted Coasters
    • Coaster of Maltese Lace No.357a
    • Shell Coaster No.357b
  • Rose Doily for China Closet No.358
  • Baby's Blue and White Bonnet No.359
  • Baby Bonnet in All-over Filet Crochet No.360
  • A Dainty Bonnet in Knot Stitch No.361
  • Knit Silk Breakfast Jacket No.362
  • Wide Edge in Filet Crochet No.363
  • Narrow Crocheted Edgings and Insertions
    • Picot Lace No.364
    • Cluny Insertion No.364a
    • Venetian Lace No.364b
  • Simple Trimmings That Are Quickly and Easily Made
    • Narrow Edge No.365
    • Filet Edge No.365a
    • Insertion No.365b
    • Shell Edge No.364c
  • Maltese Lace Collar No.366
  • Hat Trimmed with Oriental Silk Crochet No.367
  • Door Panel of Scrim and Filet Crochet No.368
  • Conventional Rose Centerpiece No.369
  • Filet Crochet Bedspread No.370
  • Baby's Afghan No.371
  • Crocheted Belt Pins
    • Design No.372
    • Design No.373
    • Design No.374
  • Crocheted Button No.375
  • Crocheted Boudoir Cap No.376
  • Baby's Silk Crocheted Bonnet No.377
  • Lingerie Clasp No.378
  • Princess Eudora Sports Coat No.379
  • Alphabet No.380, Initials for Filet Crochet or Cross Stitch Embroidery
  • Filet Chicken Insert No.381
  • Alphabet No.382, Suitable Initials for Filet Crochet or Cross Stitch Embroidery
  • Venetian Crochet Bedspread No.382
  • Crocheted Roman Silk Bag No.383
  • Library Scarf No.384
Format: PDF Digital Reprint, e-Facsimile
No. of Pages: 68
Page Size: A4 (210mm × 297mm)
Download Size: 48.6 MB
Product Code CORPXZGK22

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