Corticelli Knitting and Crochet Book #18

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Corticelli Knitting and Crochet Book #18

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Product Information

Originally published in the 1920s, Corticelli Knitting and Crochet Book #18 contains more than 30 fashionable knitting and crochet designs for dresses, hats, coats, blouses, slip-ons, etc, all with beautiful illustrations (many of them in full color) and complete working instructions.

Book Excerpt:

In preparing this new book for you, the Corticelli designers have tried to show as many of the fashionable new designs as possible and to make the instructions so clear that you can have any of the new garments so stylish this season.

All unnecessary description has been eliminated and this space has instead been devoted to making the working instructions as complete and lucid as possible. To make the instructions easy to read and grasp, a certain style has been followed throughout the book. First you will find the illustration, then follows, in order, a brief description of the design, the materials required, other colors that can be used, and, finally, complete detailed instructions.

Contents Covered:

  • You Can Make the Fashionable New Designs
  • Hints That Will Help You
  • Knitted Dress
  • Knitted Hat
  • Bramley Coat
  • Knitted Bramley
  • Knitted French Blouse
  • Silk French Blouse
  • Hemstitched Blouse
  • Crocheted French Blouse
  • Sports Blouse
  • Slip-on Waist
  • Kimono Slip-on
  • India Hat
  • India Slip-on
  • Spanish Mantilla
  • Sport Hat
  • Peplum
  • Tuxedo Blouse
  • Arizona Tuxedo
  • Peter Pan Sweater
  • Indian Striped Silk Tuxedo
  • Crocheted Tuxedo
  • Brown Chinchilla Tuxedo
  • Black Tuxedo
  • Indian Striped Wool Tuxedo
  • Indian Design Tuxedo
  • Knitted Tuxedo
  • Child's Silk Tuxedo Coat
  • Child's Coat
  • Child's Bonnet
  • Child's Sleeveless Dress
  • Child's Fancy Knitted Stitch Slip-on
  • Child's Fancy Stitch Slip-on
  • Child's Slip-on
Format: PDF Digital Reprint, e-Facsimile
No. of Pages: 41
Page Size: A4 (210mm × 297mm)
Download Size: 13.0 MB
Product Code COR1YSW922

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