Your Power as a Woman: How to Develop and Use It

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Your Power as a Woman: How to Develop and Use It

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Product Information

Originally published in 1957, Your Power as a Woman by Alma Archer is a classic self-help book for women. Alma Archer was an internationally famous columnist and counsellor to women of all ages. Her column on fashion and style was once carried by more than 1,100 newspapers.

As a woman, you have great potential power and unrealized possibilities. In this book you will find basic principles, lessons, and rules which will help you develop your maximum power, and guide you in using it. You will develop personal attraction and womanly strength, through nothing more mysterious than changing your everyday habits.

Your Power as a Woman will be your guide book to a happier and more rewarding life! Hundreds of ideas in this revealing book -- just one may work "miracles" for you!

  • Have fun losing weight with an amazing new 14 Day Reducing Diet!
  • 9 test tips for getting and keeping the man you want most!
  • How to get rid of ugly blackheads and pimples -- have a lovely skin!
  • 22 practical ways to get for more out of life after you pass 40!
  • 19 ways to make sure you pick the right clothes -- and wear them with assurance and chic!

Which of your fourteen "doors" do you find the hardest to open?

  1. Houseclean your mind and body.
  2. Exercise adequately.
  3. Diet properly.
  4. Emphasize face, skin, and complexion care.
  5. Intensify your beauty with make-up.
  6. Care properly for your hair.
  7. Beautify your hands and feet.
  8. Glamorize your eyes.
  9. Develop your sex appeal.
  10. Improve your voice and conversation.
  11. Enrich your personality.
  12. Refine your social graces.
  13. Dress for style and economy.
  14. Intrigue your man.

The book shows you how easily each of these "doors" can be opened, and kept open. Concentrate on the "doors" you find hardest to open and you will steadily develop and use "your power as a woman."

When you close this book, you will be grateful you were born a woman!

Contents Covered:

  • Author's Preface
  • How Big Is Your Power Potential?
    • You're In for Some Wonderful Surprises
    • Analyzing Your Woman Power
    • Doorways to a New Self
  • How to Begin Your Beauty Development Program
    • Grooming for Beauty
    • Power Development through Proper Exercise
    • Womanly Development through Weight Control
  • How to Look Your Best through Proper Beauty Care
    • First Steps to Glamour through Skin Care
    • Make-Up Magic
    • Your Crowning Glory
    • Beauty Care for Hands, Arms, and Feet
    • Make Up Your Eyes for Glamour
  • How to Develop and Apply Your Social Attracting Power
    • Power Development through Conversational Art
    • Reading Your Way to Wider Horizons
    • Your Social Graces
    • Mannering a Lady
    • Finding Love and Marriage
  • How to Dress to Make the Most of Your Power
    • The Rules of Smart Dressing
    • What You Should Know about Color
    • Your Complete Color Guide
  • "How-To" Tips Especially For Teenagers and Past-Forties
    • Tips for Teenagers
    • How to be Lovely Past Forty
  • How to Make Love Your Golden Key
Format:PDF Digital Reprint, e-Facsimile
No. of Pages:323
Page Size:A4 (210mm × 297mm)
Download Size:58.8 MB
Product CodeYOUP9AH620

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