Weaving with Paper Rope: Baskets, Vases, Trays and Lamps

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Weaving with Paper Rope: Baskets, Vases, Trays and Lamps

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Product Information

Baskets of many shapes and sizes, trays and lamps, may all be made by following the detailed instructions given in this book, originally published in the 1920s.

Basketry is one of the most fascinating of crafts. The possibility of creating an endless variety of baskets in every shape and size makes the work unusually attractive.

Weaving with crepe paper rope and wire is not difficult, as the wire is easily bent into the desired shape, and the rope is soft and pliable. Most of the weaves and stitches done with other materials may also be used for crepe paper rope weaving.

The instructions given in this book will be found helpful for making a variety of baskets, vases, trays and lamps.

Contents Covered:

  • Wire and Rope Materials
    • Kind of Wire
    • Number of Wires
    • Rope Sizes for Weaving
    • Cutting the Paper
  • General Instructions
    • Wrapping Wires
    • Fastening Wires Together
    • Separating Wires for Weaving
  • Various Kinds of Bases
    • A Round Base
    • A Square Base
    • Hexagonal Base
    • Triangular Base
    • A Heart-Shaped Base
    • An Oval Base
    • Oblong Base
  • Shaping Wires
  • Adding, Cutting Out and Lengthening Wires
  • Joining or Splicing -- Ending Off Rope
  • Making Rope
  • Edge Finishes
    • A Four Strand Edge
    • Triple Strand Edge
    • A Six Strand Edge
    • Braided Edge
  • Handles
  • Schedule for Wire and Rope
    • Baskets
    • Trays
    • Lamps
  • Different Weaves and Stitches
    • The Single Weave
    • Double Stitch Single Weave
    • Japanese Stitch Single Weave
    • Pineapple Stitch Single Weave
    • The Loop Stitch Single Weave
    • The Pairing Weave
    • Stripe Stitch Pairing Weave
    • Checker Stitch Pairing Weave
    • The Triple Weave
    • Arrowhead Stitch Triple Weave
    • The Spiral Weave
    • Lacing Wires
  • Different Shapes -- Plain Single Weaves
    • Straight Basket with High Handle
    • Work Basket with Cover
    • Shallow Square Basket
    • Heart-Shaped Basket
    • Vase-Shaped Basket
  • Different Shapes -- Fancy Single Weaves
    • Square Basket with Double Stitch
    • Hanging Triangular Basket with Japanese Stitch
    • Oval Tray
    • High-Handled Basket with Pineapple Stitch
    • Sandwich Basket -- Loop Stitch
  • Different Shapes -- The Pairing Weave
    • Basket with Stripe Stitch
    • Basket with Checker Stitch
  • Different Shapes -- The Triple Weave
    • Bordered Vase with Arrow Head Stitch
  • Different Shape -- The Spiral Weave
    • Tall Vase with Double Laced Wires
  • Empire Lamp and Shade
    • The Base
    • Empire Lamp Shade
  • Floor Lamp and Shade
    • The Base
    • The Shade
  • Shellacking Baskets
  • Painting with Sealing Wax
  • Cost of Materials
Format: PDF Digital Reprint, e-Facsimile
No. of Pages: 36
Page Size: A4 (210mm × 297mm)
Download Size: 10.4 MB
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