Vacuum Tube Rectifiers: A Textbook

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Vacuum Tube Rectifiers: A Textbook

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Product Information

A large proportion of electronic equipment operates from an alternating current supply. Most of the circuits within such equipment require direct current and/or voltages for best results. An integral part of the design, therefore, often consists of a vacuum tube rectifier and its associated components. The function of the rectifier is to convert a portion of the alternating voltage input into the direct current sources required for the particular apparatus. When the requirements of the electronic equipment are critical, the rectifying system must be designed and protected against undesired fluctuations of voltage.

The purpose of this classic textbook, originally publish in 1958, is to provide the fundamental concepts of vacuum tube rectifier theory. A minimum of mathematical treatment has been employed, but the analyses are sufficiently extensive to permit the interested technician, practicing engineer, or advanced student to develop a full comprehension of the important facets of such theory. Specific attention is given to the basic principles of rectification; rectifiers; design ratings; needs, limitations, uses and characteristics of many rectifiers and circuits; and, the theory and calculations pertinent to rectifier and filter design data.

Educators agree that a thorough knowledge of fundamental theory is essential for the continued development of a sincere student. VACUUM TUBE RECTIFIERS content was selected with this philosophy as a guide -- it is the thorough foundation, for both theoretical and practical applications.

Contents Covered:

  • Preface
  • Physical Characteristics of Rectifiers
    • The Need for Rectification
    • Basic Principle of Rectification
    • The Diode as Rectifier
    • Triode Rectifiers
    • Design Ratings of Thermionic Diodes
    • Diode Rectifier Circuits
    • Review Questions
  • Single-Phase Rectifiers
    • The Half-Wave Rectifier
    • The Full-Wave Rectifier
    • The Full-Wave Bridge Rectifier
    • Voltage-Multiplying Circuits
    • Full-Wave Voltage Doubler
    • Half-Wave (Cascade) Voltage Doubler
    • Transformerless Voltage Doublers
    • Voltage-Tripler Circuit
    • Voltage-Quadrupler Circuit
    • Review Questions
  • Polyphase Rectifiers
    • The Need for Polyphase Circuits
    • Three-Phase Half-Wave Delta-Wye Rectifier
    • Three-Phase Half-Wave Delta-Zig-Zag Rectifier
    • Three-Phase Half-Wave Double-Wye (Six-Phase) Rectifier
    • Three-Phase Delta-Star (Six-Phase Half-Wave) Rectifier
    • Three-Phase Full-Wave Delta-Wye Rectifier
    • Uses of Polyphase Circuits
    • Review Questions
  • Output Filter Circuits
    • The Need for Filtering Out the Ripple
    • Capacitance Filter
    • Inductance Filter
    • Capacitor-Input Filter
    • Choke-Input Filter
    • Resistance-Capacitance Filter
    • Comparison and Design of Capacitor-Input and Choke-Input Filters
    • Tuned (Resonant) Filters
    • Review Questions
  • Rectifier and Filter Design Data
    • Rectifier Tube Characteristics
    • Rectifier Circuit Design Data
    • Filter Design Data
    • Typical Rectifier-Filter Calculations
    • Review Questions
  • Index
Format:PDF Digital Reprint, e-Facsimile
No. of Pages:74
Page Size:A4 (210mm × 297mm)
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