Unto Thee I Grant: Secret Teachings of Tibet, Rosicrucian Library Vol. V (4th Edition)

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Unto Thee I Grant: Secret Teachings of Tibet, Rosicrucian Library Vol. V (4th Edition)

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This is one of the rarest Oriental mystery books known. It is translated by special permission of the Grand Lama and Disciples of the Sacred College in the Grand Temple in Tibet.

Here is a book that was written two thousand years ago, and was hidden in manuscript form from the eyes of the world and given only to the initiates of the temples in Tibet to study privately.

Out of the mystery of the past comes this antique book containing the rarest writings and teachings known to man with the exception of the Bible. Hundreds of books have been written about the teachings and practices of the Masters of the Far East and the Adepts of Tibet, but none of them has ever contained the secret teachings found in this book. This book is divided into many parts, each part containing a large number of sections or divisions and chapters.

Ancient wisdom -- Timeless truths -- Priceless treasure of knowledge

Originally published in 1929, this book deals with man's passions, loves, desires, weaknesses, sins, strengths, fortitudes, ambitions, and hopes. All are treated in detail with illuminating simplicity. The book contains also the strange mystic story of the expedition into Tibet to secure this marvelous manuscript.

Contents Covered:

  • Preface: The Strange Story of This Book
  • Preliminary Instructions, by the Master
  • Book 1: The Obligations that Relate to Man, Considered as an Individual
    • Consideration
    • Modesty
    • Application
    • Emulation
    • Prudence
    • Fortitude
    • Contentment
    • Temperance
  • Book 2: The Passions
    • Hope and Fear
    • Joy and Grief
    • Anger
    • Pity
    • Desire and Love
  • Book 3: Woman
  • Book 4: Consanguinity; or Natural Relations
    • Husband
    • Father
    • Son
    • Brothers
  • Book 5: Providence; or the Accidental Differences of Men
    • Wise and Ignorant
    • Rich and Poor
    • Masters and Servants
    • Magistrates and Subjects
  • Book 6: The Social Duties
    • Benevolence
    • Justice
    • Charity
    • Gratitude
    • Sincerity
  • Book 7: Religion
  • Book 8: Man Considered in General
    • Of the Human Frame and Structure
    • On the Use of the Senses
    • The Soul of Man, Its Origin, and Affections
    • Of the Period and Uses of Human Life
  • Book 9: Man Considered in Regard to His Infirmities, and Their Effects
    • Vanity
    • Inconstancy
    • Weakness
    • Insufficiency of Knowledge
    • Misery
    • Judgment
    • Presumption
  • Book 10: Of the Affections of Man, Which Are Hurtful to Himself and Others
    • Covetousness
    • Profusion
    • Revenge
    • Cruelty, Hatred, and Envy
    • Heaviness of Heart
  • Book 11: Of the Advantages Man May Acquire Over His Fellow Creatures
    • Nobility and Honour
    • Science and Learning
  • Book 12: The Manifestations of Karma
    • Prosperity and Adversity
    • Pain and Sickness
  • Some Notes on the Terms Used in This Manuscript
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