Torchon Lacework: Patterns & Designs

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Torchon Lacework: Patterns & Designs

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Product Information

Originally published in the 1900s, Torchon Lacework: Patterns & Designs is an excellent guide for beginners on torchon lace-making.

Real torchon lace is made of linen threads by hand on a pillow, and is the most durable and effective lace possible for trimming ladies' and children's under-linen, toilet-covers, bags and other fancy articles. The coarse lace made in colored flax threads, which is so much used for trimming linen dresses, is made in the same way.

The art is not difficult to acquire; and when the stitches have been learned, and the general principles of the work understood, the worker can copy any of the numerous pretty patterns to be seen everywhere. With a little experience, she should also be able to design new patterns for herself.

The Part I of the book is to give instruction in the essentials of torchon lace making; and the patterns worked out are designed to afford progressive lessons, involving nearly all the ordinary stitches met with in this kind of lace.

The Part II of the book is to give more advanced instruction, and to teach the various fancy stitches found in different kinds of lace.

Contents Covered:

  • Introduction
  • Basic Patterns Worked Out
    • A Narrow Edging
    • Vandyke Edging
    • Insertion for Vandyke Edging
    • A Narrow Edging with Wheel
    • Diamond Insertion with Wheel
    • Zigzag Scallop Edging
    • Cloth-Stitch Insertion with Wheel
    • Edging with Cloth Diamond
    • Diamond and Star Insertion
    • Scalloped Edging with Cloth-Stitch Ground
    • Double Rose-Stitch Insertion
    • Edging with Maltese Cross and Wheel
  • Advanced Patterns Worked Out
    • Beading through Which Ribbon May Be Run
    • Scalloped Edging with Twisted Half-Stitch Ground
    • Edging with Twisted Torchon Ground
    • Fern Leaf Edging
    • Narrow Edging with Cucumber Braid
    • Edging with Cloth-Stitch Vandyke
    • Narrow Edging in Shell Pattern
    • Ribbon Pattern Insertion
    • Insertion with Closed Check Ground
    • Lace in Medici Style
    • Edging with Wheels and Shell
    • Spider Edging
    • Edging with Bars and Spiders
    • Insertion with Diamond Plaits
    • Cluny Lace Edging
    • Edging with Point Net Ground
    • Honeycomb Insertion
    • Insertion with Honeycomb Ground and Gimp
  • Illustrations of Stitches Used in Lace Work
  • How to Design From a Pattern of Lace
  • Working of Corners
  • Patterns of Narrow Lace
  • Patterns of Wide Lace
  • Patterns of Italian Lace Edgings
Format: PDF Digital Reprint, e-Facsimile
No. of Pages: 227
Page Size: B5 (176mm × 250mm)
Download Size: 13.7 MB
Product Code TORJNHKF21

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