The Witchery of Archery: A Complete Manual of Archery

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The Witchery of Archery: A Complete Manual of Archery

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In the United States, the Civil War was partly responsible for the rise in interest in archery. After the war, Confederate soldiers were not permitted to own firearms. This forced two veterans, brothers Will and Maurice Thompson, to learn to hunt with the bow and arrow. Originally published in 1878, Maurice's book, The Witchery of Archery: A Complete Manual of Archery, described their hunting exploits and captured their love of the sport. The author's experiences in the swamps were told in a way that you wish you were next to him launching arrows at those huge herons.

The book was widely read and interest in archery spread throughout the country. In 1879 the Thompsons helped organize the National Archery Association, and Maurice was elected president. The first tournament was held the next year, which Will Thompson won, as well winning the following five tournaments.

The Witchery of Archery, one of the all-time classics of archery, continues to charm people to archery to the current day. It is a must for an Archer's Library.

Contents Covered:

  • Prefatory Remarks
  • Outline Sketch of the Practice of Archery in Hunting
  • Some Notes on Woodpecker-Shooting
  • Bow-Shooting on the St. John's
  • Hare, or Rabbit Shooting
  • Bow-Shooting with a Hermit
  • Bold Robin Hood and His Merry Clan
  • The Mysterious Lake
  • Shooting the Wood-Duck and His Companions
  • The Death of the White Heron
  • The Game of Archery -- Lawn Shooting, and Roving
  • The Battles of the Birds
  • Some Wing-Shots, and Other Fancy Work
  • Three Weeks of Savage Life
  • Lady Toxophilites
  • Shooting Woodcock and Plover
  • Appendix
    • The Bow
    • The Bowstring
    • The Arrow
    • The Shooting Glove
    • The Quiver and Belt
    • The Bracer
    • The Target
    • The Ascham
    • The Care of Tackle
    • The Archery Club and Its Rules
    • Manual of Arms
    • How to Shoot
Format: PDF Digital Reprint, e-Facsimile
No. of Pages: 265
Page Size: A4 (210mm × 297mm)
Download Size: 15.2 MB
Product Code THENRW1138

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