The Symbolism of Freemasonry

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The Symbolism of Freemasonry

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Product Information

Originally published in 1869, The Symbolism of Freemasonry: Illustrating & Explaining its Science & Philosophy, its Legends, Myths & Symbols is authored by Albert G. Mackey, an American medical doctor and a 33rd Degree Mason, who is best known for his authorship of many books and articles about Freemasonry, particularly Masonic Landmarks. Mackey served as Grand Lecturer and Grand Secretary of The Grand Lodge of South Carolina; Secretary General of the Supreme Council of the Ancient and Accepted Rite for the Southern Jurisdiction of the United States.

"Of the various modes of communicating instruction to the uninformed, the masonic student is particularly interested in two; namely, the instruction by legends and that by symbols. It is to these two, almost exclusively, that he is indebted for all that he knows, and for all that he can know, of the philosophic system which is taught in the institution. All its mysteries and its dogmas, which constitute its philosophy, are in trusted for communication to the neophyte, sometimes to one, sometimes to the other of these two methods of instruction, and sometimes to both of them combined. The Freemason has no way of reaching any of the esoteric teachings of the Order except through the medium of a legend or a symbol." - Excerpt from The Symbolism of Freemasonry

This classic Masonic book is an essential work for anyone serious about understanding Freemasonry.

Contents Covered:

  • Preliminary
  • The Noachidae
  • The Primitive Freemasonry of Antiquity
  • The Spurious Freemasonry of Antiquity
  • The Ancient Mysteries
  • The Dionysiac Artificers
  • The Union of Speculative and Operative Masonry at the Temple of Solomon
  • The Traveling Freemasons of the Middle Ages
  • Disseverance of the Operative Element
  • The System of Symbolic Instruction
  • The Speculative Science and the Operative Art
  • The Symbolism of Solomon's Temple
  • The Form of the Lodge
  • The Officers of a Lodge
  • The Point within a Circle
  • The Covering of the Lodge
  • Ritualistic Symbolism
  • The Rite of Discalceation
  • The Rite of Investiture
  • The Symbolism of the Gloves
  • The Rite of Circumambulation
  • The Rite of Intrusting, and the Symbolism of Light
  • Symbolism of the Corner-stone
  • The Ineffable Name
  • The Legends of Freemasonry
  • The Legend of the Winding Stairs
  • The Legend of the Third Degree
  • The Sprig of Acacia
  • The Symbolism of Labor
  • The Stone of Foundation
  • The Lost Word
Format: PDF Digital Reprint, e-Facsimile
No. of Pages: 369
Page Size: B5 (176mm × 250mm)
Download Size: 21.6 MB

Note: This digital reprint is NOT a widely-available, e-Text version. Instead, it is a top-quality, electronic facsimile version of the actual book published in 1869.

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