The Practical Book of Built-in Furniture by Henry Lionel Williams, Fully Illustrated

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The Practical Book of Built-in Furniture by Henry Lionel Williams, Fully Illustrated

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Product Information

Originally published in 1959, this is a basic how-to book designed for the beginner in home carpentering and cabinetmaking as well as the advanced do-it-yourselfer. Both will find it an exceedingly useful and practical guide to constructing beautiful built-in furniture for every room in the house.

The early portions of the book tell the reader how to master fundamental construction -- joints, frames, drawers, doors, and so on. Later, the author deals with specific built-ins the reader can make, using the basic woodworking knowledge the reader has thus far acquired from the book and from practice.

The concise, crystal-clear instructions give exact procedures and methods to follow. The more than 100 illustrations, integrated with the text, show completed units as well as their components parts in easily understood fashion.

Both text and pictures are so written and arranged as to allow the builder plenty of latitude. That is, he can either adopt exactly the innumerable ideas to be found in the book, or else vary and alter them to make fine built-ins especially suited to his own taste and requirements.

Henry Lionel Williams, a well-known figure in the field of old house restoration, lectured extensively and written nine books on this and allied subjects, six in collaboration with his wife, Ottalie K. Williams. For some years Mr. and Mrs. Williams conducted a house-restoration business, in connection with which he operated a shop producing hand-made reproductions of early American furniture and built-in units for houses they restored.

Contents Covered:

  • Every Home Needs Built-ins
    • Room Planning
    • The Value of Planning Built-ins
    • Reorganizing Existing Storage
  • Construction Methods
    • Elementary Details -- processes, tools
    • Method of Joining
    • Plywood Edges -- how to hide
    • Joining Board Edges
    • Joint Fastenings -- use of nails, gluing
    • Legs and Brackets
    • Facing of Board Edges
    • Fastening Built-ins to Walls, Ceilings, and Floors
    • Building to Bad Walls
    • Attic Problems
  • Construction Details for Parts of Built-in Units
    • Shelves
    • Table and Counter Tops
    • Drawers
    • Frames for Paneled or Glazed Doors
    • Matching Doors to Frames
    • Sliding Doors
  • Construction Details for Typical Built-in Units
    • Bathroom Medicine Chest and Dresser
    • Bed Base
    • Workshop Tool or First-Aid Cabinet
    • Floor Storage Box
    • Garage or Basement Cupboard
    • Sink and Counter for Potting Shed
    • Window Dressing-Table and Shelf Unit
    • Box-Type Seat
    • Dressing Unit
    • Wall Niche
    • Adding on to Built-in Units
    • Basic Kitchen Cabinet
  • Room-by-Room Built-ins to Make
    • Series 1. Kitchen
      • Combination Kitchen Cabinet
      • Sink Cabinet and Counter
      • Stove Cabinet
      • Housekeeper's Desk
      • Back-of-Door Racks
      • Divided Shelves
      • Bread Board or Pull-Out Shelf
      • Ironing-Board Storage
    • Series 2. Dining Room
      • Partition Cabinetwork
      • Wall Box
      • Apartment-Type Dining Unit
      • China Cabinet
      • Corner Cupboard
      • Dining Room--Living Room Archway Fillers
        • Complete Closure by Cabinet
        • Door with Cabinet Each Side
        • Reducing Opening with Decorative Panels
        • Archways into Walls
    • Series 3. Living Room
      • Wall or Partitioning Multi-Purpose Unit
      • Radio, Phonograph, Record-Storage and Drawer Unit
      • Simple Bookcase
      • Window-Wall Storage and Display Combination
      • TV Set and Projector-Screen Unit with Storage Space
      • Free-Standing Shelf and Cabinet Built-in
      • Lightweight Room Divider Unit
    • Series 4. Bedrooms
      • Bunk Beds
      • Bunk Bed--Desk Combination
      • Convertible Sofa-Bunk
      • Twin Bed Head Storage Unit
    • Series 5. Bathrooms
      • General Utility Combination Built-in
      • Tub Separator with Canopy
      • Dresser Located at Window
      • Nest of Swinging Drawers
      • Legless Dresser
      • Laundry Bin and Wash-Basin Counter
    • Series 6. Attic
      • Dead Storage
      • Bedroom with Cabineting and Box-Type Beds
      • Bedroom with Cabinets and Semi-Slideaway Beds
  • Lumber and Manufactured Sheet Stock
    • Lumber
    • Plywood and Other Laminated Sheets
    • Hardboards
    • Moldings
  • Finishing and Coloring
    • Application of Liquid Finishes
    • Plastic Veneers
  • Index
Format: PDF Digital Reprint, e-Facsimile
No. of Pages: 124
Page Size: A4 (210mm × 297mm)
Download Size: 44.7 MB
Product Code THEP962Y54
Condition New

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