The Power of Silence

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The Power of Silence

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Horatio Willis Dresser (1866 - 1945) was an American New Thought religious leader and author. First published in 1895, The Power of Silence he wrote was immensely popular -- by 1903 it had gone through fifteen editions! This digital reprint contains the full text of the revised 1904 edition.

Learn The Power of Silence. Activate The Power of Silence.

Book Excerpt:

This volume is the first of a series of studies of the inner life the main purpose of which is twofold. The point of approach is from the side of practical experience, and the first object is the development of a practical method. But, incidentally, it is hoped that the facts and values of this practical study may be of service to philosophy. In fact, the production of these volumes was begun with the conviction that philosophy and life may be brought nearer, that practical interests put new demands upon philosophy; while the practical man may be greatly benefited by the study of idealistic first principles. Hence the point of view is midway between the world of exact thinking and the world of actual living. The interest is not primarily psychological; nor is it ethical or religious. Yet all of these interests play a part. That is to say, aside from one’s particular faith, there seems to be a demand for a new science and a new art: the art and science of the inner life investigated in the freest spirit without regard to specific doctrines. Such a science has become a necessity because of the failure of other inquiries to push through to the heart of reality in the inner world. The art is needed to solve the problems which remain over when it is a question of the more practical application of the precepts of ethics, religion, and philosophy. For the conventional systems often fail to make clear precisely how a man should begin to live the better life.

Contents Covered:

  • Preface
  • The Point Of View
  • The Immanent God
  • The World of Manifestation
  • The Nature of Existence
  • Mental Life
  • The Meaning of Idealism
  • The Nature of Mind
  • The Meaning of Suffering
  • Duality of Self
  • Adjustment
  • Poise
  • Self-Help
  • Entering the Silence
  • The Outlook
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No. of Pages:167
Page Size:A4 (210mm × 297mm)
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