The Multiple Mentality Course

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The Multiple Mentality Course

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Originally published in the 1920s, The Multiple Mentality Course describes a series of exercises leading to the development of greater mental power. It is a true course in right/left brain training, development of creative intelligence and conscious fostering of intuitive powers.

Harry Kahne, the author, who was at that time billed as The Incomparable Mentalist and The Man with the Multiple Mind, often demonstrated his ability on stage by doing 6 different mental operations simultaneously.

One of the saddest things the people in this complex world of today are confronted with --- is the disuse of their brains! We are constantly beset and bombard with ever-increasing demands that we are ill-equipped or unprepared to handle! Hence, very often, stress sets in. Stress can then contribute to physiological and psychological disruptions which bring about disease and illness. Efficiency is down. Accidents and mistakes become more frequent.

Now this course may not turn you into an Einstein or an Edison, but it will help you to think with more of what GOD gave you --- Your brain! It is the only course of its kind in the world. If you proceed with it lesson by lesson without deviating or digressing, you will no longer be besieged by situations too hard to cope with! You WILL be master over the most difficult situations and the answers will show themselves easily. This course is the key to clearer thinking. It will elicit that latent potential that has always been within you, and you will mentally grow strong and vibrant --- full of life and health.

Follow the instructions conscientiously and you will develop all the cells of your brain. You will train them to work in unison for you. And when they do that, YOU CAN MAKE YOUR MIND DO ANYTHING YOU WANT IT TO DO! You can carry on several lines of thought simultaneously. The most difficult problems will seem to solve themselves. The hardest questions, seen in their proper perspective and with all their factors viewed concurrently, become easy to answer promptly and correctly. You will not become perplexed about little things that now cause you setbacks of greater or lesser degrees, because your brain will automatically analyze and evaluate them accurately and give you the right answers at the right time. Such thinking brings SUCCESS!

Contents Covered:

  • How the Space Age Degenerates Intelligence
  • How Multiple Mentalism Differs from Psychology & Psychiatry
  • Analytical vs. Synthetical Minds
  • Relationship between Mental & Physical Health & Multiple Mentalism
  • Psychological Difficulties Relieved by Multiple Mentalism
  • Multiple Mentalism in Trades, commerce & Professions
  • The Problem of Middle Aged Men in Business
  • What Creative Imagination is & How to Develop it
  • Specialization Means Narrowing the Mind; Diffusion Means Mental Shallowness
  • Multiple Mentalism as an Aid in Public Speaking
  • How to Develop Intuition -- The Sparkplug of Intelligence
  • Modern Education & Its Critics Equally at Fault
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