The Modern Conjurer and Drawing-Room Entertainer

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The Modern Conjurer and Drawing-Room Entertainer

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First published in 1903, The Modern Conjurer and Drawing-Room Entertainer by C. Lang Neil explains and illustrates conjuring, magic tricks with over 500 original illustrations from photographs.

C. Lang Neil was an English author and journalist. He was never a magic performer himself, but was married to a lady magician who's a student and assistant of Charles Bertram (a famous British magician who performed for royalty). In the introduction to The Modern Conjurer and Drawing-Room Entertainer, Bertram claims Neil has given "the most thorough and practical way of teaching the beginner, and of giving many finishing touches of subtle art to the adept".

The Modern Conjurer and Drawing-Room Entertainer was rated as one of the 10 basic books for a working library of conjuring by H. Adrian Smith (a historian, collector and President of both "Society of American Magicians" and "International Brotherhood of Magicians").

Contents Covered:

  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • The Principles of Natural Magic
  • Manner and Gesture
  • The Conjurer's Clothes
  • The Wand
  • The Table
  • Sleights used in Card Conjuring
    • The Two-Handed Pass
    • The One-Hand Pass
    • The Palm
    • To Palm Cards from Bottom of Pack
    • Continuous Back and Front Palm
    • False Shuffle
    • To Force Cards
    • The Change
    • Dealing Seconds
    • Dealing Seconds from Bottom
    • To Change Front Card
  • Simple Card Tricks
    • Telling Cards Cut by Audience
    • Catching a Chosen Card in the Air
    • Novel Discovery of a Chosen Card
    • Shaking Chosen Card through Hank
  • Advanced Card Tricks
    • Manipulations with Cards
    • Passing Twelve Cards up Sleeve
    • The Diminishing Cards
    • Back Palm and Recovery of 4 Cards
    • Discovering a Card Blindfolded
    • The Three-Card Trick (New Method)
    • The Rising Cards
    • The "Thurston" Rising Cards
    • The Four-Ace Trick
    • Passing Cards from Pocket to Pocket
  • Sleights used in Coin Tricks
    • To Palm
    • To Pass
    • The Continuous Back and Front Palm
    • The French Drop
    • To Change a Coin
  • Tricks with Coins
    • Coin through Handkerchief
    • The Cap and Pence
    • Vanish of Coin Wrapped in Paper
    • 10 Coins from Left Hand to Glass in Right
    • The Aerial Mint
  • Tricks with Balls
    • The Cups and Balls
    • The Billiard-Ball Trick
  • Handkerchief Tricks
    • Production of Hen's Eggs from a Handkerchief
    • The Sun and Moon Trick
    • The Handkerchiefs and Soup Plate
    • Handkerchief, Watch, and Glass
    • The Changing Handkerchiefs
    • Mysteriously-Joined Handkerchiefs
  • Miscellaneous Magic
    • The Chinese Rings
    • Coin, Card, and Paper
    • The Mutilated Parasol
    • The Flag Trick
    • The Ring on Stick
    • The Flower Trick
    • The Tambourine Trick
  • Parlour Tricks and Puzzles
    • Two Corks
    • Suspended Knife
    • Safety Reading Lamp
    • To Balance Plate on Needle
    • Bottle Cannon
    • Shark in Fish-Pond
    • Novel Soup Tureen Stand
    • Simple Handkerchief Trick
    • Dodge with a Sixpence
    • Experiment with Corks
    • Pins into Glass Full of Water
    • Magnetised Paper
    • A Simple Coin Trick
    • To pick up Floating Ball
    • Home-Made Cinematograph
    • Egg and Bottle Trick
    • Wine Glass Puzzle
    • Passing Body through Playing Card
    • Perpetual Motion
    • Housekeeper's Weighing-Machine
    • A Dangerous Trick
    • Atmospheric Pressure
    • To Lift Three Matches with One
    • Cup of Tea on Knife
    • To Balance a Pencil
    • Brute Force Useless
    • New Umbrella Stand
    • Electricity on the Spot
    • "Try Your Lung Power"
    • A Cheap Sprayer
    • Cardboard Figures blow out and Lights Candle
    • Superior to the Spirit Level
    • Objects suspended without Support
    • To Lift Four Straws with a Fifth
    • A Ludicrous Experiment
    • A Similar Feat
    • Burnt Thread
    • Dancing Bubbles
    • Boring Hole through Halfpenny
    • How Water Deceives
    • Novel Way to Slice a Pear
    • Japanese Ball Trick
    • Magnetised Marionettes
    • Bridge of Matches
    • To Empty a Glass of Water with Bottle
    • To Bore a Hole through a Pin
    • Egg Spinning
    • Suspending a Glass of Water
    • A Scissors Puzzle
    • The Travelling Egg
  • Plate-Spinning
  • Chapeaugraphy
  • Paper Folding
  • Shadowgraphy
  • Postlude
  • Books on Conjuring and Kindred Arts
Format:PDF Digital Reprint, e-Text
No. of Pages:258
Page Size:A4 (210mm × 297mm)
Download Size:18.7 MB
Product CodeTHE7T55F87

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