The Handbook of Cheddar Cheese-Making

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The Handbook of Cheddar Cheese-Making

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Product Information

First published in the 1910s, this book was intended as a complete guide to cheddar cheese-making in America. After a century it remains the most comprehensive handbook of cheddar cheese-making for all dairy teachers, dairy students and cheese-makers.

Contents Covered:

  • The Manufacture of Cheddar Cheese
    • The Care of Milk for Cheese-Making
    • Preliminary Steps in Making Cheddar Cheese
    • Operations from Cutting Curd to Salting
    • Operations from Salting Curd to Removal from Press
    • Moisture and Acidity in Curd and Cheese: Conditions Effects and Control
    • Modifications of Cheddar Process and Miscellaneous Subjects
    • Care, Shipment and Sale of Cheese
    • Commercial Qualities of Cheddar Cheese and Methods of Judging
    • Cheese-Factory Construction
    • Cheese-Factory Equipment
  • Defects of Cheddar Cheese: Causes, Remedies and Means of Prevention
    • Defects in Flavor
    • Defects in Body and in Texture
    • Defects in Color and in Finish
  • The Science of Cheese-Making: The Chemical, Biological and Other Relations of Milk and Cheese
    • The Constituents of Milk
    • Conditions Affecting Proportions of Constituents in Milk
    • Functions of Milk Constituents in Cheese-Making
    • Milk Constituents and Yield of Cheese
    • Methods of Calculating Yield of Cheese
    • Milk Constituents in Relation to Composition of Cheese
    • The Composition of Cheese in Relation to Quality
    • Methods of Paying for Milk for Cheese-Making
    • The Relations of Micro-Organisms and Enzymes to Cheese-Making
    • The Ripening of Cheese
    • Chemical Changes in Cheese-Ripening
    • Causes of Chemical Changes in Cheese-Ripening
    • Commercial Relations of Cheese-Ripening
  • Methods of Making Different Varieties of Cheese
  • Methods of Testing, Factory Organization and Literature
    • Methods of Testing Used in Cheese-Making
    • Cheese-Factory Organization and Management
    • The Literature of Cheese-Making
Format:PDF Digital Reprint, e-Facsimile
No. of Pages:494
Page Size:A4 (210mm × 297mm)
Download Size:40.5 MB
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