The Dore Lectures on Mental Science

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The Dore Lectures on Mental Science

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Thomas Troward (1847 - 1916) was an English author whose works influenced the New Thought Movement and mystic Christianity. His masterpieces -- The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science, The Dore Lectures on Mental Science, and The Creative Process in the Individual -- are required reading for anyone wishing to understand and control the power of the mind, covering areas such as spirit and matter, the unity of the spirit, subjective and objective mind, the creative power of thought, the life of the spirit, and the manifestation of the life principle. These books will teach you how thought creates reality, and how to create your own positive life!

The Dore Lectures on Mental Science teaches the theoretical action of Universal Law, and the practical fitting of ourselves to make use of it.

Book Excerpt:

The dozen lectures which compose this volume... all aim at expressing the same fundamental idea, namely that, though the laws of the universe can never be broken, they can be made to work under special conditions which will produce results that could not be produced under the conditions spontaneously provided by nature. This is a simple scientific principle and it shows us the place which is occupied by the personal factor, that, namely, of an intelligence which sees beyond the present limited manifestation of the Law into its real essence, and which thus constitutes the instrumentality by which the infinite possibilities of the Law can be evoked into forms of power, usefulness, and beauty.

The more perfect, therefore, the working of the personal factor, the greater will be the results developed from the Universal Law; and hence our lines of study should be two-fold -- on the one hand the theoretical study of the action of Universal Law, and on the other the practical fitting of ourselves to make use of it; and if the present volume should assist any reader in this two-fold quest, it will have answered its purpose.

Contents Covered:

  • Foreword
  • Entering into the Spirit of It
  • Individuality
  • The New Thought and the New Order
  • The Life of the Spirit
  • Alpha and Omega
  • The Creative Power of Thought
  • The Great Affirmative
  • Christ -- The Fulfilling of the Law
  • The Story of Eden
  • The Worship of Ishi
  • The Shepherd and the Stone
  • Salvation Is of the Jews
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