The Complete Handbook of Taxidermy

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The Complete Handbook of Taxidermy

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Product Information

Originally published in the 1890s, this Handbook of Taxidermy was written by a famous American zoologist, taxidermist, conservationist and author, who revolutionized museum exhibits by displaying wildlife in their natural settings.

Covering the techniques of taxidermy in all its branches, this handbook is the results of his long experience both in the field and in the museum workshop.

Contents Covered:

  • The Workers, and the Work to be Done
  • Outfits, and Hints on Hunting
  • How to Select and Study Fresh Specimens
  • Treatment of the Skins of Small Mammals
  • Collecting and Preserving the Skins of Large Mammals
  • Collecting Skins of Small Birds
  • Collecting Skins of Large Birds
  • Collecting Reptiles
  • Collecting Fishes
  • Collecting Marine Invertebrates
  • Collecting Birds' Eggs and Nests
  • The Laboratory and Its Appointments
  • Preliminary Work in Mounting Mammals
  • Principles of Universal Application in Mounting the Higher Vertebrates
  • Mounting Small Mammals
  • Mounting Large Mammals: Ordinary Methods
  • Mounting Large Mammals: The Construction of Manikins
  • Finishing Mounted Mammals
  • Mounting Mammal Heads as Trophies and Ornaments
  • Facial Expression and Mouth Modeling
  • Relaxing Dry Skins of Birds
  • Mounting Small Birds
  • Mounting large Birds
  • Cleaning the Plumage of Birds
  • Mounting Reptiles
  • Mounting Fishes
  • Mounting Lobsters and Crabs
  • Ornamental Taxidermy
  • Groups and Grouping
  • General Principles of Group-making
  • Groups of Mammals
  • Groups of Birds and Reptiles
  • Hints on Painting Museum Specimens
  • Principles of Universal Application in Making Moulds and Casts
  • Casts of Mammals, Fishes, and Reptiles
  • Collecting Skeletons
  • Cleaning Large Skeletons by Macerating
  • Cleaning and Mounting Small Skeletons
  • Mounting a Large Disarticulated Skeleton
  • The Classification of Insects
  • Eggs and Larvae: Breeding and Rearing
  • Collecting Imagoes
  • Preparation, Care, and Display of Insects
  • Insect Pests, and Poisoning
  • Useful Information
Format: PDF Digital Reprint, e-Facsimile
No. of Pages: 417
Page Size: B5 (176mm × 250mm)
Download Size: 68.4 MB
Product Code THEQ8HB655

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