The Builders: A Story & Study of Masonry

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The Builders: A Story & Study of Masonry

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Originally published in 1914, The Builders: A Story & Study of Masonry by Joseph Fort Newton (1876 - 1950), one of Freemasonry's greatest philosophers in history, is a general survey of Masonic origins, history and philosophy. For a new Mason, this Masonic classic is probably a better choice than Morals and Dogma which is almost three times as long and much more difficult reading.

It is divided into three parts, as everything Masonic should be: Prophecy, History, and Interpretation.

The first part has to do with the hints and foregleams of Masonry in the early history, tradition, mythology, and symbolism of the race - finding its foundations in the nature and need of man, and showing how the stones wrought out by time and struggle were brought from afar to the making of Masonry as we know it.

The second part is a story of the order of builders through the centuries, from the building of the Temple of Solomon to the organization of the mother Grand Lodge of England, and the spread of the Order all over the civilized world.

The third part is a statement and exposition of the faith of Masonry, its philosophy, its religious meaning, its genius, and its ministry to the individual, and through the individual to society and the state. Such is a bare outline of the purpose, method, plan, and spirit of the work, and if these be kept in mind it is believed that it will tell its story and confide its message.

Contents Covered:

  • Part I: Prophecy
    • The Foundations
    • The Working Tools
    • The Drama of Faith
    • The Secret Doctrine
    • The Collegia
  • Part II: History
    • Free-Masons
    • Fellowcrafts
    • Accepted Masons
    • Grand Lodge of England
    • Universal Masonry
  • Part III: Interpretation
    • What Is Masonry
    • The Masonic Philosophy
    • The Spirit of Masonry
Format: PDF Digital Reprint, e-Facsimile
No. of Pages: 327
Page Size: Letter (8.5" × 11")
Download Size: 27.9 MB

Note: This digital reprint is NOT a widely-available, e-Text version. Instead, it is a top-quality, electronic facsimile version of the actual book published in 1914.

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