The Art of Torchon Lace-Making in 32 Patterns (2-Volume Set)

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The Art of Torchon Lace-Making in 32 Patterns (2-Volume Set)

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Product Information

Originally published in the 1900s, The Art of Torchon Lace-Making (2-Volume Set) is one of the most complete work of its kind ever published. It demonstrates 32 Torchon bobbin lace patterns from beginning to advanced level, all with step-by-step, full directions for working. However, the prickings are not included.

Book Excerpt:

Starting the beginner, as it does, with the grounds or weaves, which is the alphabet of Lace Making, and following up with the simplest pattern of Torchon Lace, then, step by step, to the more intricate ones, up to the finest patterns known to the Lace Making Art. The transition is so easy and gradual, that the learner who has had no previous knowledge of the art, is carried along by easy stages, until before they are aware of it, they have mastered it completely.

The instructions here given, are the result of years of study by practical lace teachers, who have had a wide experience in teaching the art to others...

Contents Covered:

  • General Directions
  • Explanation of Abbreviations
  • Pattern No. 1: Net Ground
  • Pattern No. 2: Plain Hole Ground
  • Pattern No. 3: Round Point Edging
  • Pattern No. 4: Diamond Point Edging
  • Pattern No. 5: Twisted Hole Ground, with "Spider"
  • Pattern No. 6: Linen or Cloth Ground
  • Pattern No. 7: Antique or "Spider" Insertion
  • Pattern No. 8: Copenhagen Lace
  • Pattern No. 9: Smyrna Edging
  • Pattern No. 10: Brussells Net Ground
  • Pattern No. 11: Edging
  • Pattern No. 12: Pin-Check or Ornamental Ground
  • Pattern No. 13: Rose Ground
  • Pattern No. 14: Block Lace
  • Pattern No. 15: Diamond Antique Edging
  • Pattern No. 16: Jewel Insertion
  • Pattern No. 17: Spider Lace
  • Pattern No. 18: Medici Lace
  • Pattern No. 19: Zigzag Lace
  • Pattern No. 20: Tondern Edging
  • Pattern No. 21: Maltese Lace
  • Pattern No. 22: Insertion
  • Pattern No. 23: Wide Antique Lace
  • Pattern No. 24: Nile Edging
  • Pattern No. 25: Tulle Ground
  • Pattern No. 26: Braid Guipure
  • Pattern No. 27: Braid Guipure
  • Pattern No. 28: Russian Lace
  • Pattern No. 29: Cluny Edging
  • Pattern No. 30: Honiton Lace
  • Pattern No. 31: Cluny Lace
  • Pattern No. 32: Braid Guipure
Format: PDF Digital Reprint, e-Facsimile
No. of Pages: 72 in total
Page Size: A4 (210mm × 297mm)
Download Size: 26.9 MB
Product Code THET9R3721

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