The Art of Enameling: Fundamental Principles and Techniques

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The Art of Enameling: Fundamental Principles and Techniques

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Originally published in 1950, The Art of Enameling or Enameling Can Be Fun describes the fundamentals of enameling, sufficient to launch anyone with taste and ability in the manual arts on a happy and lucrative career as enamelers.

Working according to the principles set down in the book, you can juggle together the most unusual patterns of color and design to produce pieces of outstanding beauty which will be sought after by collectors and connoisseurs of the art.

Also, you can sculpture your metal to achieve two- and three-dimensional effects. Using the simple techniques outlined, you can make statues, pictures and intricate jewelry. You can create articles of functional design and intent which bring beauty into your own home and others. Above all, you can sell -- and sell well -- to gift shops, interior decorators, collectors; and even to your best friends.

Contents Covered:

  • About the Authors
  • About Studios
  • What Is Enameling
  • Enamel Colors
  • How to Prepare Enamel Colors for Use
  • Metals: Their Treatment, Use and Preparation as a Base
  • Applying Colors
  • A Knowledge of Kilns: Their Types and Temperatures
  • How to Fire an Enameled Article
  • Applying Ornamental Designs over a Basic Enamel Coat
  • The Use of Over-Glaze and Under-Glaze Color
  • How to Obtain Enamel Textures
  • The Technique of Limoges and Grisaille
  • The Use of Stencils in Enamel Design
  • The Use of Gold and Silver Foil
  • Leaf Gold: Application and Uses
  • Cloisonné and Champleve Enamel
  • Basse Taille
  • Ajour Enamel
  • How to Achieve a Dull Finish in Enamel Work
  • Flaws: Why They Happen and How to Repair Them
  • Envoi
  • List of Essential Equipment for Enameling
Format: PDF Digital Reprint, e-Facsimile
No. of Pages: 42
Page Size: A4 (210mm × 297mm)
Download Size: 6.9 MB
Product Code THE3TI3I85

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