The Art of Distillation and Rectification: The Complete Practical Distiller (8th Edition)

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The Art of Distillation and Rectification: The Complete Practical Distiller (8th Edition)

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Product Information

Originally published in the 1880s, The Art of Distillation and Rectification: The Complete Practical Distiller (8th Edition) is the most comprehensive, practical technical manual on how to distill alcoholic beverages. It contains directions for the distillation and preparation of a variety of brandies, whiskeys, rums and other spirits, and numerous spirituous compounds, etc.

Contents Covered:

  • Description of a Distillery
  • Some Directions to the Distiller
  • Of Distillation, and the Apparatuses made use of
  • Continuous Distillation
  • Mode of Working the Apparatus
  • Apparatus used principally in American and English Distilleries
  • Instrument to prevent Inequality of Heat in Distillation
  • Of the Process of Malting, etc
  • French Method
  • English Method
  • Fermentation
  • Rectification
  • Common Process of Malt Distillation
  • French Process of Distilling and Preparing Brandy
  • Method of Preventing the Deterioration of Brandies
  • Malt Whisky
  • Process for Making Dutch Geneva
  • Process for Rectification into Hollands Gin
  • Distillation of Common Gin
  • Spirit of Potatoes
  • Apparatus made use of in the Distillation of Potato Spirit
  • Reduction of the Potatoes
  • Mashing of Potatoes
  • Rasping Potatoes
  • Separation of the Fecula
  • Draining
  • Arrack, or Spirits of Rice
  • Spirits of Beet-Roots
  • The Beet Rasp
  • Kirsch-Wasser, or Spirits of Cherries
  • Of some of the Productions of this Country which afford Spirits by Distillation
  • Cider Spirits, or Apple Brandy
  • Peach Brandy
  • Of the Preparation and Distillation of Rum
  • Process made use of in Great Britain and Ireland for Fermenting and Distillation Molasses
  • Raisin Spirits
  • Flavoring and Coloring of Spirits
  • Process for Making Rum Shrub
  • Process for Making Brandy Shrub
  • Elder Juice
  • Method of Making Cherry Brandy
  • Eau de Luce
  • Irish Usquebaugh
  • Process of Making Nectar
  • Imperial Ratafia
  • Method of Making Lovage Cordial
  • Process of Making Citron Cordial
  • Cinnamon Cordial
  • Process of Making Aniseed Cordial
  • Method of Making Caraway Cordial
  • French Vinegar
  • Method of Making English Vinegar
  • Some General Directions for the Distillation of Simple Water, etc
  • Of the Stills used for simple Waters
  • Cinnamon Water
  • Peppermint Water
  • Damask-Rose Water
  • Orange-Flower Water
  • Orange Wine
  • Simple Lavender Water
  • Compound Lavender Water
  • Hungary Water
  • Some General Directions for the Distillation of Spirituous Waters
  • Jessamine Water
  • Eau de beauté
  • Some Remarks on the Uses of Feints, and their General Character
  • Rules for Determining the Relative Value and Strength of Spirits
  • Observations on Distillations of a Special Character, and on the Selection of Apparatus most useful
  • Remarks on an Instrument intended for Testing Wines
  • Some General Directions for the Preparation of various Cordials, Compounds, etc
  • On some of the Plans resorted to for the purpose of Adulteration Brandy
  • Process for Making Lime Water
  • Process of Making Sulphuric Ether
  • Instructions for Making Infusions, Spirituous Tinctures, etc
  • Tonic and Alterative Cordial
  • Aromatic Bitters
  • Process for Making a Diuretic and Stomachic Compound
  • Process for Making Tincture of Mush
  • Appendix: Practical directions for distilling
    • Maceration
    • Fermentation
    • Distillation
    • Rectification
    • Buildings
    • Utensils
    • Maceration
    • Fermentation, Distillation and Rectification
    • Yeast
    • Malt
    • Preservation of Spirituous Liquors
    • Raw Materials
Format: PDF Digital Reprint, e-Facsimile
No. of Pages: 217
Page Size: B5 (176mm × 250mm)
Download Size: 22.5 MB
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