Textbook of Advanced Machine Work (3rd Edition)

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Textbook of Advanced Machine Work (3rd Edition)

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Product Information

Originally published in 1915, this classic Textbook of Advanced Machine Work (3rd Edition) was prepared for students in technical, manual training, and trade schools, and for the apprentice in the shop. It treats of engine lathe work; cutting tools; measuring; turning; fitting; threading; chucking; reaming; mandrels or arbors; curve turning and forming; inside calipers and inside micrometers; boring and inside threading; brass finishing; broaching; drilling jigs; boring, boring bars and boring machines; eccentric turning; nurling; cylindrical, internal, surface and cutter grinding; planing; milling; spur, bevel, worm and spiral gear cutting; toolmaking; spiral milling; the plug and button methods of locating holes of precision in jigs and fixtures; sine bar.

Featuring 609 illustrations throughout, this is arguably the best machinist's textbook ever published.

Contents Covered:

  • Foreword
  • Special Index: Arranged to enable students to find the problems and processes quickly
  • Section 1: Lathe Work
    • Engine Lathes
    • Electrically-Driven Machine Tools
    • Truing and Alining Centers
    • Center Holes
    • Cutting Tools
    • Lathe Cutting Tools for Cast Iron
    • Grinding Lathe Tools
    • Setting and Using Outside Calipers
    • Cutting Speeds, Cut Meter, and Feeds
    • Lubricants for Cutting Tools
    • Inspecting and Measuring Material (Stock)
  • Section 2: Lathe Work
    • Time Element and Schedules of Operations
    • Centering, Squaring, and Straight Turning
    • Filing Lathe Work
    • Micrometer Calipers
    • Vernier Calipers
    • Dimension-Limit System
    • Fits in Machine Construction, with Tables of Allowances
    • Standard and Limit Gages
    • Taper Turning and Fitting
    • Straight Turning and Fitting
    • Tables and Diagrams
  • Section 3: Lathe Work
    • Lathe Tools for Steel or Wrought Iron
    • Holders and Cutters
    • Turning Steel
    • Double Holder and Cutters
    • Cutting-off Tools
    • Threading or Screw Cutting
    • Bolt and Nut Making
    • Making Tensile Test Specimen
    • Making a Stud
    • Tables
    • Indexing in Engine Lathe
    • Making Engine Lathe Live Center
    • Automobile Screws and Nuts
  • Section 4: Lathe Work
    • Chucks
    • Face Plates
    • Chucking
    • Reaming
    • Machining Alloys, etc.
    • Mandrels or Arbors
    • Turning Flanges
    • Turning Pulleys
    • Polishing Lathe Work
    • Curve Turning and Forming
    • Making Formed Machine Handles
    • Polishing, Buffing and Lacquering
  • Section 5: Lathe Work
    • Inside Calipers and Inside Micrometers
    • Boring and Inside Threading
    • Square Threads
    • Acme Standard or 29° Threads
    • Multiple Threads
    • Brass Finishing
    • Alinement Drilling and Tapping
    • Drilling, Tapping and Hand Threading in Speed Lathe
    • Broaching Holes, Keyways and Slots
  • Section 6: Drilling Jigs, Boring Bars, Eccentric Turning
    • Drilling Jigs, and Multiple-Spindle Drilling Machines
    • Radial Drilling Machines
    • Boring, Boring Bars and Boring Machines
    • Vertical Boring and Reaming
    • Taper Holes, Taper Reamers and Spindle Making
    • Magnetic Chucks
    • Steady and Follower Rests
    • Eccentric Turning
    • Nurling
  • Section 7: Cylindrical Grinding (External) Internal Grinding
    • Cylindrical Grinding
    • Grinding on Two Dead Centers
    • Universal Grinding Machines
    • Grinding Wheels
    • Problems in Cylindrical Grinding
    • Internal Grinding
  • Section 8: Surface Grinding Cutter Grinding
    • Surface Grinding
    • Problems in Surface Grinding
    • Cutter Grinding
    • Adjusting Tooth Rest and Wheel for Obtaining Clearance
    • Problems in Cutter Grinding
  • Section 9: Planing
    • Planers
    • Cutting Speeds and Feeds
    • Cutting Tools
    • Horizontal, Vertical and Angular Planing
    • Measuring Work
    • Holding Work, and Problems in Planing
    • Fixtures, Vises and Jigs
    • Shapers
    • Slide Rule for Timing Planer Work
  • Section 10: Milling
    • Introduction
    • Milling Machines
    • Milling Cutters
    • Speeds and Feeds
    • Measuring Work
    • Plain Milling
    • Jigs and Fixtures
    • Index Milling
    • Calculating Diameter of Blank to Mill Square or Hexagonal
    • Milling on Centers
    • Grooving Taps
    • Fluting Reamers
    • Milling Teeth of Milling Cutter
    • Circular Milling
    • Vertical Milling
    • Profiling
    • Special Milling Cutters
  • Section 11: Gear Cutting
    • Spur Gearing
    • Preparing Spur Gear Blank
    • Cutting Spur Gear
    • Bevel Gearing
    • Cutting Bevel Gear
    • Worm Gearing
    • Making Worm
    • Preparing Worm Gear Blank
    • Gashing Worm Gear
    • Hobbing Worm Gear
    • Spiral Gearing
    • Cutting Spiral Gears
    • Bevel Protractor
    • Compound Rest
  • Section 12: Tool Making
    • Introduction
    • Making Mandrel
    • Testing Lathe Work with Indicators
    • Thread Micrometer Calipers
    • Making Taps
    • Making Plain Milling Cutter
    • Making Hand Reamer
    • Lapping
    • Making Plug Gage
    • Measuring Machine
    • Spiral Milling
    • Cutting Teeth in Spiral Mill
    • Grooving Twist Drill
    • Making Twist Drill
    • Precision Methods of Locating Holes for Jigs and Accurate Machine Parts -- Plug Method, Button Method
    • Sine Bar
  • General Index
Format:PDF Digital Reprint, e-Facsimile
No. of Pages:556
Page Size:A4 (210mm × 297mm)
Download Size:139 MB
Product CodeTEXZEAVZ63

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