Success with Poultry: Raising Poultry for Profit and Pleasure (6th Edition)

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Success with Poultry: Raising Poultry for Profit and Pleasure (6th Edition)

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Product Information

Originally published in the 1900s, the classic Success with Poultry (Sixth Edition) contains valuable information on how to raise poultry for both profit and pleasure, especially how to run a successful poultry business.

Contents Covered:

  • Introduction
  • Leading Standard Breeds: Articles on the Best and Most Popular Varieties of Poultry in Existence, by Expert Breeders -- These Articles Not Only Set Forth the Characteristic of Each, but Also Give Valuable Inside Information on Mating for Best Results -- Do Not "Trust to Luck" -- Follow Good Advice
    • Barred Plymouth Rocks: A Clean-Cut and Comprehensive Descriptive Article on America's Best Production in Poultry
    • How to Breed Exhibition Barred Rocks: Detailed Instruction on Mating in Order to Produce Exhibition Males and Females -- The Double Mating System Advised
    • White Plymouth Rocks: An Article Descriptive of the White Plymouth Rocks, a Variety That Many Claim is "The Coming General Purpose Fowl" -- It Certainly Has No Superior
    • White Wyandottes: Rivals of the White Plymouth Rocks -- They Grow in Popularity Very Rapidly -- The Best Breeds for Broilers
    • Silver Laced Wyandottes: A Breed Which Grows in Popularity -- A Rival of the Barred Rocks as a General Purpose Fowl -- They Make First-Class Broilers -- Good Layers and Good Mothers
    • Light Brahmas: A Grand Breed -- Kind, Gentle, Productive, Profitable -- Their Proper Shape, Color, Markings -- Also How to Mate Them for Best Results
    • The Leghorns, Brown and White: The Egg Machine of Poultrydom -- An Article on Mating Single Comb Brown Leghorns -- Also White Leghorns -- The Rose Comb Variety
    • Black Langshans
    • Buff Cochins
    • New Buff Varieties of Standard Breeds: They Comprise the Buff Plymouth Rocks, the Buff Wyandottes and Buff Leghorns --Rapid Growth in Popularity
    • Black Minorcas
    • Mammoth Bronze Turkeys
    • Imperial Pekin Ducks: Unquestionably the Business Duck of the Age -- Handsome, Thrifty, Ease to Raise, Productive, Profitable -- Thousands Hatched and Reared by Artificial Means
    • Breeding Toulouse Geese: How to Manage Geese with Success and Profit -- Why the Toulouse Are Best -- Care of the Breeders -- Must Have Range
  • Practical Poultry Houses
    • Ideal New England Poultry House
    • Low-Cost, Practical Farmer's Poultry House
      • Double Open Shed Poultry House
      • Size of the House
      • The Materials Needed
      • Moderate Sized Windows
      • The Yard Fences
      • A Roost and Droppings Board That Can Be Used to Good Advantage in Any House
  • Model Brooding Houses: Several Styles of Practical Brood Houses Designed to Suit Poultry Plants of All Sizes -- Information on the Handling of Chicks in These Houses
  • The Incubator Cellar and the Next Best Place
  • Egyptian Incubatories
  • Best Breeds for Broilers: Valuable Points in Broiler Raising by a Man Who Achieved Success in This Line -- The Merits of the Light Brahmas, Leghorn-Bantams, Wyandotte-Brahmas, Barred and White Rocks and White Wyandottes Set Forth
  • United State Government: Now Taking an Interest in the Poultry Industry and Rendering Valuable Service -- Issues Practical Instructions on the Construction of Poultry Houses, Feed Dishes, the Selection of Breeds, Breeding, Feeding, the Use of Green Food, Grit, Meat Food, etc. -- Also the Feeding of Young Chicks, the Use of Incubators and Brooders, Treatment of Diseases, Dressing, Shipping, etc.
  • The Care of Adult Fowls: Allow Nature to Asset Itself -- Do Not Pamper Your Fowls -- Definite Instructions on Feeding for Winter Laying -- Special Winter Care of Adult Fowls -- Best Egg Rations -- Feeding for Eggs
  • A Hen Catechism: Answers to Everyday Questions That Are Asked of Poultry Paper Editors, Poultry Lecturers and Poultry Raisers
  • Feeding Your Chickens: Poultry Men and Women of Experience Give Their Methods -- Valuable Advice to be Remembered -- Common Errors to be Avoided -- "A Stitch in Time"
  • Incubator Pointers, Thirty-Two of Them
  • Care of Brooder Chicks: The Brooder Chick from Egg to Maturity -- Ventilation, Moisture, Temperature and Floor Space Discussed by Breeders Who Know the Requirements of Brooder Chicks -- Brooding Houses and Coops -- Foods and Feeding -- General Advice on Management
  • Rules for Raising Chicks in Brooders
  • Marketing Poultry Products: Supplying Fresh Poultry throughout the Year to Private or Wholesale Customers -- How to Reach This Trade -- Dressing and Shipping Stock
  • Pekin Ducks for Profit: Wonderful Increase in the Business -- Poultry Raising is Now a Trade -- Operating Duck Egg Incubators -- Proper Care of Breeding Stock -- It Does Not Pay to Cross Pekins -- Formula for Feeding Laying Ducks and Young Ducks
  • Starting with Standard Bred Poultry: Opinions of Well-Known and Experienced Specialty Breeders on How Best to Start to Establish Oneself in the Standard-Bred Poultry Business -- "Buy Stock and Save Time" is the General Advice -- Follow One Line of Breeding and Place No Reliance on Haphazard Matings
  • Care and Management of Turkeys: From Shell to Market -- Care of Adults -- Setting the Hens -- Care of Poults -- Feeding for Market -- Preparing Fine Specimens for Exhibition
  • Capons and Caponizing: What Hon F. L. Washburn, of the Oregon Experiment Station, Says about Capons -- Actual Experiments in Caponizing, with Results -- Full and Explicit Directions in Caponizing with Illustrations
  • Commercial Duck Raising: Points on Breeding, Hatching, Feeding and Marketing
  • Poultry and Fruit Combined: Every Raiser of Poultry Should Consider the Matter of Growing Fruit in Connection Therewith -- Plums and Poultry -- Growing Plums
  • Diseases of Poultry: How to Prevent, How to Treat, How to Cure -- Remember the Old Adage, "An Ounce of Prevention Is Better Than a Pound of Cure."
    • Roup
    • Cholera
    • Crop Bound
    • Canker
    • Bumble Foot
    • Leg Weakness
    • Gapes
    • Douglas Mixture
    • Diarrhoea and Dysentery
    • Congestion of the Liver
    • Acute Rheumatism
    • Worms in Poultry
    • Colds
    • Consumption
    • Apoplexy, Vertigo, Epilepsy
    • Sore Eyes
    • Costiveness and Constipation
    • Bronchitis
    • Debility
    • Black Rot
    • Hernia
    • Soft Eggs
    • Bad Moulting
    • Chicken Pox
    • Frosted Comb and Wattles
    • Vermin
    • Contagious Diseases
    • Crowding
    • Dampness
    • Dropping Eggs
    • Dusting
    • Bone Dust
    • Hereditary Diseases and Evils
    • Hospital
    • Pullets Not Laying
    • Early Opening of Houses
    • To Prevent Laying
    • Slipped Wing
    • Fresh Blood
    • Feather Eating
    • Fighting
    • Handling Fowls
    • Washing Exhibition Birds
    • Feeding for Exhibition
    • Treatment After Exhibition
    • Ventilation
    • Treatment of Show Birds
    • General Treatment of Cockerels
  • Food for Chickens: Advantages of Dry Food -- Cooked Meal for Fowls -- Cooked Food -- A Use for Wheat Chaff -- Feeding Warm Food -- Amount of Food Required Daily -- Heating Poultry Houses -- Hens in Wet Weather
  • Artificial Incubation: General Remarks on Incubators and Brooders -- Good Machines Are Simple in Construction and Easy to Operate -- The "Old Reliable" Briefly Described -- Work Done with the Reliable, and Definite Information about How It Was Done
  • General Construction of the Reliable Incubators
  • Largest Thoroughbred Poultry Farm in the World
Format: PDF Digital Reprint, e-Facsimile
No. of Pages: 130
Page Size: A4 (210mm × 297mm)
Download Size: 114 MB
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