Practical Mind-Reading: A Course of Lessons on Thought-Transference, Telepathy, etc

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Practical Mind-Reading: A Course of Lessons on Thought-Transference, Telepathy, etc

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Originally published in 1908, Practical Mind-Reading is full of practical condensed instruction about every phase of Mind Reading, Telepathy, etc. The exercises and directions are so plain and simple that they can be understood and demonstrated by any person of ordinary intelligence.

Here you will find complete instruction in all the latest (as of the turn of the 20th century) points about Mind Reading. It tells how Thought Transference is practiced in the scientific laboratory as well as by a public performer. It tells you how to perform feats that will mystify an audience and arouse the deepest interest and enthusiasm, or you can conduct Telepathic experiments with your friends right in your own home.

About the author -- Excerpt from the Wikipedia:

William W. Atkinson was a very important and influential American figure in the early days of the New Thought Movement. He was an attorney, merchant, publisher, and author, as well as an occultist and an American pioneer of New Thought.

Atkinson's 1906 book, Thought Vibration: The Law of Attraction in the Thought World, is associated with the thinking behind the phenomena surrounding the 2006 movie, The Secret, which gained widespread attention in the media from Saturday Night Live to The Oprah Winfrey Show in the United States.

Atkinson pursued a business career from 1882 onwards and in 1894 he was admitted as an attorney to the Bar of Pennsylvania. While he gained much material success in his profession as a lawyer, the stress and over-strain eventually took its toll, and during this time he experienced a complete physical and mental breakdown, and financial disaster. He looked for healing and in the late 1880s he found it with New Thought. From mental and physical wreck and financial ruin, he wrought perfect health, mental vigor and material prosperity, which he attributed to the application of the principles of New Thought.

Contents Covered:

  • Lesson 1 -- The Nature of Mind Reading
    • A plain, practical, scientific explanation of this Vast, Mysterious Subject, explaining the action of Mind upon Mind, and the Mental Wireless Telegraphy, according to the latest and best authorities.
  • Lesson 2 -- The Proofs of Mind Reading
    • The result of the latest scientific experiments and investigations regarding this subject; practical proof and indisputable facts.
  • Lesson 3 -- Contact Mind Reading
    • Full instruction regarding the "Nerve Currents" passing from the human Transmitter to the human Receiver; stated so plainly that anyone may instantly grasp the theory and practice.
  • Lesson 4 -- Development Exercises
    • How to develop yourself; how to grow proficient in practice; how to find Locations; how to find Objects; how to perform the necessary elementary feats, and thus prepare for Public Work.
  • Lesson 5 -- Simple Demonstrations
    • Public or Parlor Demonstrations. Fourteen Practical Demonstrations are explained; full directions for performing them are given, so that the student may reproduce the experiments and demonstrations.
  • Lesson 6 -- Difficult Demonstrations
    • Explanations and instructions given for their performance. The Banknote Test; the Blackboard Feats; Drawing Pictures; Telepathic Chess and Checkers, etc., described, explained, and full instructions given for their reproduction.
  • Lesson 7 -- Sensational Feats
    • The Driving Feat; the Combination Lock Feat; the Office Detective Feat; the Postoffice Box Feat, and many other sensational demonstrations explained, together with an exposure of "Fake Demonstrations."
  • Lesson 8 -- Higher Phenomena
    • Demonstrations without contact. Development Directions. Long Distance Experiments. Automatic Writing. Valuable Suggestions and Advice.
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