Millinery: Ladies Hat Design and Patterns

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Millinery: Ladies Hat Design and Patterns

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Product Information

Originally published in the 1920s, this classic Millinery book includes technical principles and practical instructions for making many styles of ladies' hats using a variety of needle working techniques.

As the author presents the patterns and instructions in his book to be so easy to follow, he believes the knowledge of millinery is not that deep and difficult to attain -- any lady of average intelligence can master it.

Contents Covered:

  • Wire Frames
    • Uses of wire frames
    • Mathematical side of frame making
    • Process of constructing a wire frame for a hat
    • Dimensions for standard hats
  • Molded Frames
    • Molded or pressed frames
    • Hand-molded frames
    • Bias dry-molded frames
  • Pattern Frames
    • Classification of frames made from patterns
    • Comparison of processes in making unrolled and rolled brims
    • Cutting the frame
    • Wiring frame
    • Binding a frame
    • Covering frame with interlining
  • Crowns
    • Frame foundations used for crowns
    • Kinds of crowns
    • Outline of kinds of crowns and their appropriate brims
    • How to determine kinds of crowns suitable to individual types of faces
  • Staple Millinery Materials
  • Cutting Materials
    • Cutting a true bias
    • Cutting a long bias
    • Table of bias measures
    • Rules for measuring material for a bias that is to be stretched
    • Correct shading for velvet and soleil
    • Measuring a frame for the correct amount of material
    • Accuracy in cutting: a large factor in cost saving
    • Methods used for cutting maline
    • Cutting bias binding from frame and crown edges
  • The Fabric Hat
    • Fall materials and fabrics
    • Classified construction of fabric hats for fall and winter
  • Braid Hats
    • Kinds
    • Manner of sewing
  • Transparent Hats
    • Kinds
    • Preparing the frame
    • Edge finishes
    • Appropriate trimmings
  • Draped Hats
    • Matrons' turbans
    • Harem turbans
    • Draped tams
    • Section hats
  • Tailored Trimmings
    • Severe, factory-tailored hats
    • Semi-tailored hats
    • Kinds of tailored trimmings
  • Dress-Hat Trimmings
    • Trimmings for which the hat is a background
    • Trimming which is part of the design
  • Cleaning and Remodeling
  • Color Harmony As Applied to the Individual
    • Purpose of color in adorning the person
    • Color versus temperament
    • Chart of color combinations suitable to various types
  • Line Harmony
    • Fundamental principles of line
    • Principles of line as applied to the individual
Format: PDF Digital Reprint, e-Facsimile
No. of Pages: 218
Page Size: A4 (210mm × 297mm)
Download Size: 37.3 MB
Product Code MILILLC575

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