Mensuration for Sheet Metal Workers

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Mensuration for Sheet Metal Workers

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Product Information

Originally published in 1907, this book explains the principles of mensuration as applied in measuring sheet metal work, taking as examples the various shapes of formed sheet metal products. The purpose of the book is to show how to obtain the length, area and volume of any article of sheet metal, so that the pattern cutter or mechanic may accurately measure the material required for a given class of work. The style of treatment is very simple, and furnishes a quick reference for everyday use.

Contents Covered:

  • Length of Material Required for a Round Pipe
  • Amount of Material for a Square Pipe
  • Length of Perimeter of a Hexagon
  • Square and Circular Sections of Pipe of Given Dimensions
  • Length of Side of a Square to Be Inclosed by a Given Circle
  • Length of Arc When Angle and Radius Are Known
  • Amount of Material for an Ellipse When Length and Width Are Given
  • Length of Hypotenuse in a Right Angle Triangle
  • Areas in Square, Rectangle and Rhomboid
  • Areas in a Right and an Oblique Triangle
  • Area of Triangle When Three Sides Are Given
  • Area of Trapezoid
  • Area of Trapezium
  • Area of Circle
  • Area in Circle and Square
  • Area in a Ring
  • Areas in Sector and Segment of a Circle
  • Square Whose Area Is Equal to Area of Given Circle
  • Circle Whose Area Is Equal to Area of Given Square
  • Area of Ellipse
  • Area of Regular Polygon
  • Area of Sphere
  • Convex Surface of Cylinder
  • Convex Surface of Frustum of Cylinder
  • Convex Surface of Elliptical Cylinder and Frustum of Elliptical Cylinder
  • Convex Surface of Right Prism and of Frustum of Right Prism
  • Convex Surface of Right Cone
  • Convex Surface of Right Pyramid
  • Convex Surface of Frustum of Right Cone
  • Convex Surface of Frustum of Right Pyramid
  • Capacities of Tanks, etc
  • Contents of Cube
  • Contents of Hexagonal Prism
  • Contents of Cylinder
  • Contents of Sphere
  • Contents of Cone
  • Contents of Pyramid
  • Contents of Hopper
  • Contents of Prism of Pyramid
  • Contents of Frustum of Cone
  • Contents of Prismoid
  • Contents of Wedge
  • Practical Examples for the Shop
  • Pipes Equal to Rectangular Pipe
  • Boot
  • Chimney Top
  • Another Form of Boot
  • Pipe with Branches
  • Triangular Pipe
  • Elliptical Pipe
  • Two Pronged Fork
  • Three Pronged Fork
  • Ascertaining the Sizes of Articles
  • A Square Tank
  • A Sphere
  • An Oil Tank
  • Wash Boiler
  • Flaring Pail
  • Flaring Measure
  • Flaring Elliptical Tub
  • Flaring Pan
  • Short Rules in Computation
  • Diameter of Circle
  • Height of Inaccessible Point
  • Use of Steel Square
  • Problems of Steel Square Solution
  • Obtaining Radius
  • Rectangle to Square
  • Circle to Square
  • Three Squares
  • Circle of Four Times the Area
  • Circumference of an Ellipse
Format: PDF Digital Reprint, e-Facsimile
No. of Pages: 54
Page Size: A4 (210mm × 297mm)
Download Size: 13.8 MB
Product Code MENSD0G573

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