Life, Youth and Success: Constructive Psychology from A to Z

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Life, Youth and Success: Constructive Psychology from A to Z

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Originally published in 1918, this book is an Alphabet of Affirmation written by Rev. Harry Gaze (1878-1959), an influential New Thought lecturer, writer and Divine Science Minister.

Book Excerpt:


In the attainment of health, happiness, success and continuous unfoldment of life toward higher standards of expression, one of the most effective and pleasing methods used is that of affirmation.

Affirmations consist of ideal statements made silently or audibly for the purpose of heightening the degree of realization of the truth expressed in them. Psychologically, the effect is to convey an adequate suggestion to the subconscious mind, and ensure that its powerful and constant activities will be engaged toward the fulfillment of the ideal...


In absolute truth, Life is synonymous with Love and God. In the relative aspect, it is God's manifestation through all the activity of nature.

The evolution of life has now reached a stage in which it is scientifically possible to live forever. Life will manifest only ever-increasing power when man consciously cooperates with life in the process of change and growth by continuing to initiate new cycles of development, lives in harmony with his spiritual, mental and physical being, and lives regeneratively...


Youth is the expression of true unfoldment. The way to be always young is to be always growing. Renew and re-educate the mind. Renew and transform the body. Renew and remold the character. Renew and beautify the environment.

Youth is harmony with the Law of Attraction. It is filling the mind with glad ideals, and working them out in happy activity. Youth is anticipation of the good; expectancy of the beautiful. Youth looks joyously forward...


Success means to one, wealth; to another, health; to another, fame; to another, happiness; to another, ability; to another, love. These are simply the varied aspects of success. Real success underlies and includes them all, and infinitely more beside.

True or complete success is knowledge and wisdom expressed in the discovery and use of the real powers of our being. This would be a constant spiritual, mental and physical progress. This constitutes true success because one in this consciousness could dip down at pleasure into the well of health, power, youth, happiness and love...

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