It's Your Life to Enjoy: 52 Short Discussions on More Abundant Living

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It's Your Life to Enjoy: 52 Short Discussions on More Abundant Living

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Originally published in 1955, this volume is substantially a report of lessons learned from others. There are many of them. Some are neighbors and close friends, including businessmen, professional people, sportsmen, and housewives. Not a few of them have been met through the pages of history and literature generally. Included are Job, Marco Polo, Lord Nelson, Winston Churchill, Henri Fabre, Patrick Henry, Florence Nightingale, and many others. More lessons have been drawn from one individual than any other -- Jesus of Nazareth. Indeed the more one studies Him as a man, the more one is convinced of the divinity of His Messiahship.

Not a few of the lessons have come from those in the plant and animal worlds -- such as an African lion or a backyard measuring worm or a colorful hibiscus in Hawaii.

Each has offered something to assist in the pursuit of happiness, of more abundant living. After all, "men are that they might have joy."

Contents Covered:

  • Preface
  • Book One -- Light of the Eyes
    • His Eyes Were on the Roof Tops
    • This Little Worm Stayed Alive
    • Life Begins before Forty
    • Milkweeds
    • They Played their Work Away
    • In the Twinkling of a Tongue
    • When It Pays to Quit
    • Do You Take Yourself Too Seriously?
  • Book Two -- Apples of Gold
    • When Excellence Is Superior
    • A Friend Called "Scoop"
    • Do You Run Errands of Error?
    • The Bus Was Marked "Express"
    • "Hit Past The Ball"
    • They Live Because He Lives Them
    • Pueblo
    • Most Powerful Word in the World
  • Book Three -- The Delight of Kings
    • They Made the Most of Truth
    • Steelheads and Men
    • Is Someone Riding on Your Back?
    • Loyalty Repeats
    • Old Faithful
    • Twice a Lone Eagle
    • When Tribesmen Danced
    • When Churchill Spoke
  • Book Four -- Just Weight
    • How Big Is Your World?
    • A Day in Hawaii
    • Your Deed May Echo for Generations
    • Silent Teacher
    • Giants in the Land
    • Destiny in Your Hands
    • Tall Tomorrows
  • Book Five -- He That Watereth
    • A Silent Palace Speaks
    • "One Year to Live"
    • Samaritan in Mexico
    • She Seemed to Forget
    • She Did More than Feel Sorry
    • Backyard Funeral
    • One Turned Back
  • Book Six -- As Iron Sharpeneth
    • Team that Conquered Everest
    • The Vanquished Americans
    • Tiger at the Turn
    • They Paused for Greatness
    • Then, There Were Three
    • Arsenate or Atomizer?
    • Suit Yourself?
  • Book Seven -- Whom the Lord Loveth
    • Lions Are Only Big Cats
    • Rapids Ahead
    • Are You Too Sensitive?
    • Molds
    • They Thrilled because They Knew
    • Beyond the "Thirty-eighth"
    • Their Words Reveal Them
  • Index
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