Instruction Manual for Sheet-Metal Workers

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Instruction Manual for Sheet-Metal Workers

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Product Information

Originally published in the 1920s, this manual is intended as a textbook for apprentices in the sheet-metal working industry and for students in trade schools, continuation schools and other schools wishing to give thorough and adequate instruction in sheet-metal work.

In making this analysis of the sheet-metal worker's trade we have endeavored to list the fundamental operations of the trade rather than the jobs of the trade. Since every conceivable job is made up of the operations, in various combinations, the simplest method of procedure is to analyze the trade for the operations involved and use these as the basis of analyzing the jobs of the trade.

The operations constitute the alphabet of the trade. All jobs are made up of combinations of these operations just as words of our written language are made up of a combination of letters of the alphabet and with the same lack of consideration for the order in which they appear in the list.

The operations of the trade have been listed and definite directions given for performing each operation. These directions are followed by questions designed to make the learner think out the reasons why a thing is done in a certain way.

There is also a list of the topics of related trade information. These topics are treated in a brief and concise manner, in order to give the learner the necessary information in a readily available form.

Contents Covered:

  • Preface
  • How to Use the Manual
  • Unit Operations
    1. Making a Dimensioned Sketch
    2. Developing Patterns
    3. Making a Bill of Material Needed for a Job
    4. Cutting Material
    5. Folding Edges
    6. Forming Cylinders with Rolls
    7. Forming with a Brake
    8. Grooving with a Hand Groover or Grooving Machine
    9. Beading or Swaging for Reinforcing or Making Connections
    10. Crimping to Shrink Edges
    11. Burring Edges with a Machine
    12. Peening, Closing Down or Setting Down Seams
    13. Forming on Stakes
    14. Double Seaming on a Stake or with a Machine
    15. Turning Edges with a Machine
    16. Wiring Edges
    17. Riveting Sheet-Metal Joints
    18. Tinning a Soldering Iron
    19. Soldering Tin Plate, Copper, Zinc or Galvanized Iron
    20. Brazing Copper and Brass
    21. Raising or Bumping Sheet-Metal Forms
    22. Flanging or Stretching Metal for Riveted Connections
    23. Punching Holes with a Hollow or Solid Punch
    24. Drilling Holes
    25. Tinning Copper, Brass and Iron
    26. Cutting Wire Glass
    27. Building a Charcoal Fire in a Fire Pot
    28. Installing a Warm Air Furnace
    29. Erecting a Metal Ceiling
    30. Sectioning and Hanging or Setting a Cornice
    31. Hanging a Gutter and Downspout
    32. Flashing or Making Roof Connections
    33. Laying a Metal Shingle Roof
    34. Laying a Tin Roof
    35. Assembling, Setting and Glazing Skylights
    36. Hanging and Glazing Hollow Metal Sash
    37. Setting and Erecting Stacks
    38. Laying a Slate Roof
  • Information Topics
    1. Mensuration
    2. Geometrical Problems
    3. Solder and Fiuxes
    4. Materials
    5. Roofing
    6. Cornices
    7. Hot Air Furnaces
    8. Blow Pipe Work
    9. Tool kit
  • Standard Tables
Format: PDF Digital Reprint, e-Facsimile
No. of Pages: 168
Page Size: A4 (210mm × 297mm)
Download Size: 9.4 MB
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