Individualizing Tissue-Paper Patterns

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Individualizing Tissue-Paper Patterns

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Product Information

Originally published in the 1920s by the Woman's Institute of Domestic Arts & Sciences, this book contains instructions and illustrations of altering garments made from tissue paper patterns. It's a great resource for anyone working with vintage tissue paper patterns.

Book Excerpt:

There are three ways of shaping garments in cutting. One is by pattern, one by measurement, one by draping on the figure. The first is safest until you are sure of your knowledge of proportions and your skill in determining the correctness of the silhouette.

Some persons of artistic ability hesitate to use patterns, preferring unhampered individual expression in designing. To them and to all, we suggest that they make their cutting safe by means of guide patterns, which will aid in getting suitable proportions, and that they learn by rule the way to change patterns and to meet special needs in designing, so that individual expression will be wholly practical and satisfactory.

Contents Covered:

  • Development of Tissue-Paper Patterns -- Origin and Growth
  • Production and Distribution
  • Purchasing Tissue-Paper Patterns -- Value and Selection
  • Aids to Correct Measurements
  • Method of Taking Measurements
  • Purpose of Guide Patterns
  • Aids in Use of Tissue-Paper Patterns
  • Flat-Pattern Alterations -- Essential Features
  • Plain-Waist Pattern Alterations
  • Plain-Sleeve Pattern Alterations
  • Plain-Skirt Pattern Alterations
  • Cutting, Making, and Fitting Models for Guide Patterns
  • Material Requirements
  • Cutting out the Material
  • Joining the Guide-Pattern Material
  • Fitting and Altering the Waist
  • Fitting and Altering the Sleeve
  • Fitting and Altering the Skirt
  • Marking the Guide Patterns Ready for Use
  • Close-Fitting Pattern Alterations -- Necessity for Accuracy
  • Close-Fitting Waist Pattern
  • Close-Fitting Sleeve Pattern
  • One-Piece Dress Pattern
  • Selecting and Altering Other Patterns -- Collars and Cuffs
  • Aprons and Caps
  • Undergarments
  • Children's Garments
  • Baby Outfits
  • Men's Garments
  • Boy's Garments
  • Miscellaneous Garments
  • Use and Care of Patterns
  • Examination Questions
Format:PDF Digital Reprint, e-Facsimile
No. of Pages:65
Page Size:A4 (210mm × 297mm)
Download Size:21.9 MB
Product CodeINDH3E3D45

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