How to Succeed with Bees (13th Edition)

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How to Succeed with Bees (13th Edition)

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Originally published in the 1930s, How to Succeed with Bees (13th Edition) contains more than 190 successful plans to produce big crops of honey, explaining:

  • how fall management saves spring labor, increases next year's honey crop, reduces winter losses far below U. S. average;
  • how bees store more honey when swarming is controlled;
  • successful methods of producing comb or extracted honey;
  • how to make increase with minimum crop loss;
  • how to introduce new queen bees;
  • and much more.

Contents Covered:

  • Late Summer Management and Next Year's Honey Crop
    • Requeening
    • Removing Supers
    • Feeding
    • Planning Protection
    • Doing Spring Work in Fall
  • How to Successfully Winter Bees
    • Protection
    • Packing
    • Final Inspection
    • Planning for 57
    • Storing Combs until Spring
  • Choice and Assembly of Equipment
    • "Standard" Goods Cost Less
    • Kind Needed for Comb or Extracted Honey
    • Assembly of Hives and Accessories
  • Spring Management
    • Results of Fall Work
    • Colony Requirements
    • Adapting Management to Cellar or Outdoor Wintered Bees
  • Control of Swarming
    • What Swarm Control Accomplishes
    • Causes of Swarming
    • Clipping Queens
    • Control of After-Swarms
  • How to Produce Section Comb Honey
    • Choice of Colonies
    • Where to Purchase Comb Honey
    • How to Super
    • Control and Handling of Swarms
  • How to Produce Extracted Honey
    • Strength of Colonies
    • Plan of Swarm Control
    • Supering
    • Choice of Honey for Winter
    • Extracting
  • How to Increase Your Colonies
    • Choice of Plan and Effect on Crops
    • Increase by Packages or Nuclei
    • Adapt Plan to Kind of Honey
  • Odds and Ends around the Apiary
    • Control of Robbing
    • Finding Queens
    • Introducing Queens
    • Life History of Honey Bee
    • Failing Queens
  • Guide to Seasonal Activities
  • Illustration Index
Format: PDF Digital Reprint, e-Facsimile
No. of Pages: 98
Page Size: A4 (210mm × 297mm)
Download Size: 37.0 MB
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