How to Make Your Own Dolls for Pleasure and Profit

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How to Make Your Own Dolls for Pleasure and Profit

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Product Information

In this 1940s book you will find a variety of dolls to make, of many different types of materials and constructed in differing ways. Perhaps you are the kind of person who starts in making the first doll and works her way right through the book. If so, you will have quite a collection by the time you are through and no doubt you will have some original ideas as you go along and will wish to create dolls of your own.

You will have the best kind of fun, that comes from doing the sort of work you love to do. Perhaps two or three friends will like to work with you and you can form a doll club, meeting regularly, sewing, bringing old dolls to study, doll furniture one of you has found in an attic, books on dolls or miniatures which you have come across or which the librarian has recommended. Eventually you may want to join other similar organizations, a state or even national doll club.

Once you are interested you are in for life, you cannot get away from it. Everywhere you go you keep a "weather eye" out for dolls, especially unique, handmade dolls, old dolls, collector's items, dolls you can make. It gets in your blood. You will find that all your friends are interested, too; the first thing they will say as they come in the front door will be, "Let's see your latest doll". You display her with pride and enjoy their delighted exclamations, but be sure to ask for their adverse criticisms also, since we all learn by making mistakes.

Imagination, good materials, sound construction, fine, even stitches, careful handling, went into the making of the dolls which are now museum pieces and they will help you make worthwhile finished products.

Gather your tools together, keep them in convenient containers; have your materials in clean boxes, your work basket tidy, a waste basket at hand, your pencils sharp, erasers clean; a cloth to wipe your hands on, your doll books on a shelf nearby. Perhaps you can find a special drawer or chest to keep your outfit in when you are not working. If you are near the sewing machine so much the better.

Your interest in dolls will lead naturally to an interest in doll clothing, furniture, toy animals, miniatures of all sorts. You will find a good deal of information on these related topics in this book; it is almost impossible to talk about dolls without bringing up their surroundings and accessories. You will also find about the use of dolls in window display later on in this book.

Contents Covered:

  • How to Start
  • Dolls to Make
    • Rose-Mary and Mary-Rose
    • Travel Tot. the quilted Doll
    • Turkish Tillie
    • Corn Husk Dolls and Animals
    • Apple Grandma
    • Addie -- the Doll made of Moleskin
    • Ann Elizabeth
    • Doll House Dolls
    • Paper Dolls
  • Susie, a Sock; with Three Costumes
  • A Bunny and a Brownie
  • Use of Felt for Dolls and Clothes
  • Miniature Furniture
    • Miniature Stove
    • Tiny Old Furniture
    • The School Room
    • Apple Grandma at the Fireplace
    • Miniature House and Furnishings
  • Displaying Your Dolls
    • Seven Miniature Settings
  • Use of Dolls in Window Display
    • Mechanical Doll
  • Selling Your Product
  • Collecting Dolls
    • Old Doll with China Head
    • A Modern Chinese Couple
    • Doll with Parian Bisque Head
    • Collection of Dolls
    • Collection in Cabinet
    • Bridal Display in Miniature
    • Crib Figures from Italy
    • Group of Six Chinese Dolls
    • Two Chinese Policemen
    • Chinese Orderly and Nurse
    • A Couple from East India
    • A Japanese Couple
    • Japanese Doll with Wigs
    • Collection of Old Dolls
    • Little Mary
    • Dolls of 1870 and 1879
    • Alice in Wonderland
    • Large Doll with China Head
    • Collection of Dolls
    • Afternoon Tea
    • A Geisha Girl in Miniature
    • A Large Collection of Dolls
    • A Large Collection of Dolls
    • Group of Dolls in Foreign Dress
    • Collection of Foreign Dolls, Group 1
    • Collection of Foreign Dolls, Group 2
    • Dinah and The Twins
    • Benny
    • Collection of Miniatures
    • Annabelle and a Doll Buggy
    • Early American Dolls
    • Bible Dolls
Format: PDF Digital Reprint, e-Facsimile
No. of Pages: 129
Page Size: A4 (210mm × 297mm)
Download Size: 67.7 MB
Product Code HOW2GJP045

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