How to Make Tailored Skirts: Circular and Gored

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How to Make Tailored Skirts: Circular and Gored

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Product Information

Originally published in 1916 by Woman's Institute of Domestic Arts & Sciences, this book gives detailed instructions for making tailored skirts, both circular and gored.

Book Excerpt:

A whole section devoted to skirt making may seem inconsistent with the commonly recognized theory that skirts, which give evidence of or emphasize the waistline are in poor taste. But the sports skirt and the tailored skirt as a part of a coat-suit will always find a place in the well-dressed woman's wardrobe, and to know how, to make all kinds of skirts, full or narrow, straight or circular, plain or plaited, one-piece or many-gored, is essential to a complete sewing knowledge.

Fashion selects from everywhere, for skirts as for other garments, going hack again and again into the past for a line, an effect, a novelty. So, to evidence skill in fashion adaptation, one must know, the byways as well as the main road of all garment construction; hence the variety considered in our instruction.

About the author:

Mary Brooks Picken was an influential American author of numerous books on needlework, sewing, textile arts and fashion. She is the founder of Women's Institute of Domestic Arts & Sciences in Scranton, Pennsylvania, the world's largest women's long distance educational institution in the 1920s.

Contents Covered:

  • To the Student
  • Styles and Materials
    • Development of Styles
    • Materials for Separate Skirts
    • Skirt Waist Lines
    • Tailored-Skirt Construction
  • Making a One-Piece Circular Skirt
    • Materials Required for a One-Piece Circular Skirt
    • Inside Stay Belts
    • Skirt Facings
    • Influence of Style on Finish of Hems
    • Skirt Braid and its Application
    • Stitching as Trimming at Skirt Bottom
    • Stiffening the Lower Edge of a Skirt
    • Hangers for Skirts
  • Six-Gored Skirts
    • Making a Six-Gored, Circular, Tailored Wash Skirt
    • Materials Required for Six-Gored, Circular, Tailored Wash Skirt
    • Making a Plain Six-Gored Skirt
    • Making a Six-Gored Inverted-Plait Skirt
    • Pinking
    • Making a Six-Gored Box-Plaited Skirt
  • Seven-Gored Skirt
  • Eight- and Nine-Gored Skirts
  • Examination Questions
Format: PDF Digital Reprint, e-Text
No. of Pages: 43
Page Size: A4 (210mm × 297mm)
Download Size: 3.9 MB
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