How to Make Tailored Garments for Women, Men and Children

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How to Make Tailored Garments for Women, Men and Children

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Product Information

Originally published in the 1930s by The Woman's Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences, this book contains a wealth of information on how to accomplish beautiful tailored garments in easy-to-follow instructions with numerous illustrations.

Book Excerpt:

No garments are responsible for greater inroads on the purse than tailored ones. Any woman, therefore, who takes up the study of this book, has an unusual opportunity, for it will reward in large measure the effort she gives to its mastery.

The making of such garments has long been a more or less sealed book to the average woman, but within these covers are such complete instructions, so detailed, exact, and carefully illustrated. That the extent to which she becomes informed about such work is limited only by her willingness to learn.

Beginning with the necessity for care in selecting materials as to quality, weave, and weight, the Section on Tailored Suits, Coats, and Capes goes on to describe the cutting and fitting of a tailored suit to obtain both comfort and smartness. Explanation is given of every possible type of alteration with its exact effect on the garment. How to prevent falling in or sagging, to produce firm, true edges, to create a smooth, graceful line -- these are among the features that make tailoring methods, as given here, a valuable addition to dressmaking knowledge. By means of such instruction, the making of a strictly tailored suit or coat becomes a possibility and the development of the less tailored forms, a simple matter.

No book on tailoring would be complete without information on garments for men and boys. Most of the hesitancy of women to undertake such work springs from a misconception of its difficulties. The making of men's shirts, house coats, robes, and undergarments, and trousers, knickerbockers, blouses, suits, and coats for small boys is really a very satisfactory branch of sewing and readily accomplished when its principles are properly understood.

The Section, Garments for Men and Boys, presents clearly the seeming intricacies of this branch of the dressmaker's art, making it attractive to the home sewer and to the woman who sees in this little exploited field an opportunity for a profitable venture in business.

Contents Covered:

  • Preface
  • Section I: Tailored Suits, Coats, and Capes
    • Origin and Purpose of the Tailored Suit
    • Essential Features of the Tailored Suit
      • Style and Individuality
      • Suitable Materials
      • Linings, Findings, and Trimmings
      • Additions to the Tailored Suit
    • Making the Tailored Suit
      • Description of Suit
      • Preparing the Muslin Model
      • Cutting the Garment
      • The Foundation of the Coat
      • Constructing the Coat
      • Making the Skirt
    • The Boyish Tailleur
      • Description of Suit
      • Making the Coat
      • Making the Skirt
    • Tailored Coats
      • Tailored Service Coat
      • Softly Tailored Coat
      • Child's Service Coat
      • Dressy Coat for Small Girl
    • Capes
      • Styles and Requirements
      • Military Cape
    • Tailored Dresses
      • Essential Features
      • Tailored Wool Dress
  • Section II: Garments for Men and Boys
    • Advantages of Home-Made Apparel
    • Men's Shirts
      • Types of Shirts
      • Shirt Materials
      • Negligee Shirt
      • Work Shirt
    • Men's House Coats and Robes
      • House Coats
      • Lounging Robe or Bath-Robe
    • Trousers
      • Types of Trousers
      • Materials for Trousers
      • Constructing Boys' Trousers
      • Knickerbockers
      • Men's Pajamas
    • Undergarments
      • Types and Materials
      • Constructing One-Piece Undergarments
      • Constructing Two-Piece Undergarments
    • Overalls
      • Types and Materials
      • Constructing Overalls
    • Work Coat
      • Types and Materials
      • Constructing the Jacket
    • Boys' Blouses
      • Materials and Types
      • Methods of Construction
    • Boys' Norfolk Suits
      • Nature of Suits
      • Materials
      • Constructing an Unlined Jacket
      • Making a Lined Norfolk Jacket
    • Boys' Overcoats
      • Types and Materials
      • Constructing a Boy's Single-Breasted Overcoat
      • Constructing a Boy's Double-Breasted Overcoat
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No. of Pages:126
Page Size:A4 (210mm × 297mm)
Download Size:47.3 MB
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