How to Make Jewelry and Plated Jewelry

How to Make Jewelry and Plated Jewelry
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Product Information

Originally published in 1920, this book gives practical instructions on how to make jewelry and how to make plated jewelry. It was used as a textbook by many schools and by the vocational department of the United States Government.

Contents Covered:

  • Preface
  • How to Make Jewelry
    • Designing
    • Hints on Melting
    • The Alloying of Gold
    • Formulas for Alloys and Solders
    • Getting out Plating Stock
    • Wire Drawing and Working
    • Making of Solders
    • Solder and the Quality Stamp
    • Soldering
    • Tips on Soldering and Stone Setting
    • Repairing Stone Set Work
    • Gilding with Electric Current
    • Red Gilding
    • Resists for Two-Color Work
    • Acid Coloring
    • Precautions in the Coloring Room
    • Silver and Its Alloys for Jewelry Work
    • Solutions for Silver Plating
    • Black and Gray Finishes on Silver
    • Gun Metal Finish
    • Silver as a Base for Black Enamel
    • Enameling
    • Melting Platinum
    • Working in Platinum
    • Recovery of Gold and Silver from Scrap
    • Refining Polishing Sweeps
    • Filtration of Washings
    • Testing for Pure Gold
    • Keeping Track of Gold
    • Figuring Shop Cost
    • Reducing Labor Costs
    • Time and Labor Savers
    • Some Shop Problems
    • The Buying of Stones
    • Making Pearl Jewelry
    • Drilling Pearls for Stringing
    • Ring Making
    • Sizing and Soldering of Rings
    • Chain Making
    • Making Flower Work
    • Making a Line of Pins
    • Horseshoe Jewelry
    • The Maltese Cross in Emblems
    • Some Attractive Novelties
    • Making Eyeglass Frames
    • Hints on Soldering
    • Polishing and Burnishing
    • Casting in Cuttlefish and in Sand
    • Practical Hints for Working Jewelers
    • Figuring Shop Cost - Appendix
  • Making Plated Jewelry
    • Location of the Building
    • Tool Making for Plated Jewelry
    • Stamping and Press Work
    • The Bench Lathe
    • Pattern Making and Bench Work
    • Use of Automatic Machinery
    • Fitting up a Polishing Room
    • Chain Mesh and Screw Machines
  • Index
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