How to Make Crepe Paper Costumes: Patterns and Instructions

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How to Make Crepe Paper Costumes: Patterns and Instructions

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Product Information

Originally published in the 1920s by Dennison Manufacturing Company, this book contains complete instructions on making over 60 delightful crepe paper costumes for children and grown-ups, for pageants, plays, costume parties and fancy dances. The illustrations and instructions are so easy to follow and the cost of materials so trifling that you will have as much fun making a costume as you will wearing it.

"It is as natural to think of crepe paper for fancy dress costumes as it is for table decorations or as a material for making flowers. Crepe paper costumes have proved entirely satisfactory for costume parties, plays, pageants and for all stage purposes."

"The large variety of beautiful shades in which Dennison crepe paper is made and its fine texture give it a great advantage over cloth materials, and the fact that there are no fraying edges to hem makes it possible to make costumes of crepe paper much more quickly and satisfactorily than if any fabric material were used."

Contents Covered:

  • General Directions
  • Slip-Over Costumes
    • No.1 Rose Slip-Over
  • Floral Slip-Overs
    • No.2 Daisy
    • No.3 Poppy
    • No.4 Violet
  • Rose Costume No.5
  • The Flower Hat
  • Floral Costumes
    • No.6 Lily
    • No.7 Sweet Pea
    • No.8 Jonquil
  • Fancy Slip-Overs
  • Floral Costumes
    • No.9 Rose Bud
    • No.10 Tulip
  • Costumes of the Four Seasons
    • No.11 Spring
    • No.12 Summer
    • No.13 Autumn
    • No.14 Winter
    • No.15 Wood Elf
  • Costumes for Special Days
    • No.16 Colleen
    • No.17 Easter Bunny
    • No.18 Queen of Hearts
    • No.19 Patriotic
    • No.20 Holly
  • Costumes of the Elements
    • No.21 Rainbow
    • No.22 Breeze, Fire/Flame, Dawn or Rain/Mist
  • Vegetable Costumes
    • No.23 Pumpkin
    • No.24 Corn
    • No.25 Carrot
  • Fancy Dress Costumes
    • No.26 Pierrot
    • No.27 Circus
    • No.28 Carnival
    • No.29 Chance
    • No.30 Pompon
    • No.31 Pierrette
    • No.32 Black and White
    • No.33 Ballet
    • No.34 Jockey
  • National Costumes
    • No.35 French Peasant
    • No.36 Scotch
    • No.37 Dutch
    • No.38 Hawaiian
    • No.39 Chinese
  • Costumes Using Decorated Crepe Paper
    • No.40 Blue and Black
    • No.41 Black and White
    • No.42 Fancy Bluebird
    • No.43 Pink Rose
  • Bird Costumes
    • No.44 Parrot
    • No.45 Peacock
  • Nature Costumes
    • No.46 Bird
    • No.47 Butterfly
    • No.48 Bee
  • Children's Costumes
    • No.49 Cupid
    • No.50 Evening Star
    • No.51 Jack of Diamonds
    • No.52 The Fledgling
    • No.53 Birdie Blue (Bird's Nest)
    • No.54 Flower and Butterfly
    • No.55 Butterfly Ruffles
    • No.56 The Rooster
  • Story Book Costumes
    • No.57 Bo-Beep
    • No.58 Fairy
    • No.59 Herald
    • No.60 Mistress Mary
    • No.61 Mother Goose
    • No.62 Little Boy Blue
  • Wings
  • Wands and Crowns
  • Materials for Crepe Paper Costumes
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No. of Pages:36
Page Size:A4 (210mm × 297mm)
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